Nighcron- Lunch Date

Nighcron- Lunch Date

A Story by MrThinkPrint

Drill and Sky try and find a spot to eat in the city.

Drill and Sky were walking through the busy streets of Centermont City. They were there on a business meeting with Captain Yuki of Centermont guard. The finished the meeting fairly quickly, just some updates on Abyss, and the training of the other Warriors by Drill, and strategies by Sky. It was a little pass two and they were looking for lunch. Drill was in his usual disguise, a big grey Pegasus to match with Sky. He even dressed in a black hoodie. “Where we going anyway?” he asked, growing frustrated by strangers constantly bumping into him. “We've been walking for twenty minutes.”

Sky, who was also dressed in darker clothing, and with her favorite scarf around her neck stopped and pulled him aside. “I've just been waiting for you to ask that.” she smirked. She took off her sunglasses. Revealing those eyes that pierces his heart. “Cause you always complain when you get tired, and when you get tired, it means your Aura is running low.” it's true, he was getting low. “So let's stop doing this. Let's just be ourselves.” she said taking off her hat letting her emerald hair flow.

There were a few people who seemed to recognize her, but not really. He sighed. “Really want me to do this?”

She nodded. “Yes. People need to accept you. I'm sick of being with a Pegasus in public, when I should be with my Rhyhog!” she blushed a little. She didn't mean to declare him her Rhyhog. But he didn't seem to mind it.

He took a deep breath and let his disguise fade. Revealing his true Rhyhog forme. “There. Let's find something to eat.” she hugged him. He just groaned and began walking. Not letting her see the small smile or red on his face.

They got a few odd and surprised looks as they walked. Some people stopping to take pictures, or to shake their hands. A few harsh name calling. Some calling Drill a monster or fossil. Some calling Sky a w***e and a disgrace. One saying they belong together, because they're both freaks. They did their best to ignore the negative. Sky was keeping calm pretty well. Everytime she got yelled at she just shrugged it off. Drill was getting very angry. They made it to a restaurant and took a seat inside.

The waiter brought them their food and left. “Still think that was a good idea?” Drill asked still cooling off.

“Yes I do. Who cares what they think? Without us they wouldn't be here, right?” She explained taking a bite of her food.

“It wasn't that they were yelling at me!” he yelled.He lowered his voice. “It was that they were yelling at you… They don't even know you. I'm just bothered by that.”

Her heart swooned. She thought he was adorable when he got emotional. “Well, they'll know us soon enough.” was all she could reply with.

He was about to speak when he was interrupted by someone gasping. They turned and saw a young wealthy looking couple standing in front of their table. “This is a pathetic site, shameful!” the male stated.

“What?” Drill asked, his anger coming back.

“This young whorish girl eating with an abomination like you. That's what!” the female yelled getting in his face.

“I'm sorry, if my appearance upsets-” he was cut off my the male again.

“You should be sorry! How about you do the world a favor and die! Like you should've in that war!”

There was a flash of grey and green. And the couple were sent flying across the building. Standing was Sky with her fist raised. She instantly shook it in pain. “F**k! Gahh!!” she yelled.

Drill rushed to her. “Did you do that?” he asked putting an arm over her.

“Damn right I did!” she exclaimed, little tears forming. “They told MY Rhyhog to die! Nobody does that!” He didn't know what to think of this new Sky. But he thought it was pretty hot. The couple finally stood up faces black and blue. Sky claimed down and took a seat. “Y'all should leave before a get really mad!” her voice was now going southern. Something that happens when she's mad.

“I don't think I can save you from that!” he called.

The couple fled the building. Drill took a seat and took her injured hand. He channeled some healing Aura into it. She sighed in relief. “That feels so much better…”

“Thank you, Sky.” he said smiling.

She blushed. “My Rhyhog.”

They laughed.

© 2017 MrThinkPrint

Author's Note

I know there are some Grammer mistakes. Let me know what you find, thanks.

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Added on January 28, 2017
Last Updated on January 28, 2017
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