An Army of Idiots

An Army of Idiots

A Poem by Mr. Lopez

I spoke to an army of idiots today
But wouldn't you know
They had not much to say
I did everything right and made perfect sense
But wouldn't you know
The army was dense
They wasted my breath , they wasted my time
There were hundreds of them
Not one worth a dime
Then I go home to the inside out
Where reason has never met rhyme
And I still haven't managed to figure out
Why they all enjoy wasting my time
I don't jump through hoops
And I won't follow blind
Because frankly ,I'm not a sheep
I won't have an idiot determine my path
And I won't have one ruin my sleep
An army, a couple, a bus load of fools
Equipped with excuses galore
Get off of my phone
Get out of my way ,and please
Let me show you the door

© 2017 Mr. Lopez

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'An Army of Idiots'
Mr. Lopez,
How does a person live keep an honest place of life within? We all live in this world and are constantly given the opportunity to feed on plates of outer noise, and things which do not edify build. Your poem is a word to be wary of the destructive possibilities around us. What and how can we be a helpful influence. It's a good question. A personal question. Good thoughtful writing you have given.

Posted 4 Years Ago

sounds like you visited congress or maybe the senate

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 13, 2017
Last Updated on May 13, 2017


Mr. Lopez
Mr. Lopez

Phoenix, AZ

I was on the site once before a while back but I hit one of those bumps in the road that knocks you harder then the average pot hole. So I'm back and have very fond memories of this writing community... more..

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