Virtuous, Virtuous, Virtue Less

Virtuous, Virtuous, Virtue Less

A Chapter by Shelley Holt-Lowrey

Some say our virtues are born with us, but lie dormant in both form and possibility...

Thoughts on the nature of the Virtues of Man.....

Some say that all we would or could be is born within us as a promise.  That our Virtues are born with us, but lie dormant in both form and possibility, waiting for the catalyst needed to spring forth.   Seeds...  asleep under the deep frost until called by the season.  Nurtured by earth, tended by nature; the first sprigs of life appear - tentative and shy.   Unfurling, unwinding and finally unyielding in abundance.  Ever reaching toward the light.  Potential realized.  These are the Virtues of Man.

Virtuous by Intent
There is a fortunate kind of Man.  One raised under the watchful eye of a Purposeful Gardner who is aware of the potential in the seed of his progeny.  The Gardener, attuned to the power of Nature and possessing an innate knowing of when it is time to sow, nurtures the growth of Virtues with care.  Pruning, sculpting or allowing growth to go unchecked as needed.  Those born to The Gardner are creatures of Virtuous intent; born and steeped in their potential.  These are they who possess the inner-knowing which prompts them to always choose correctly, to navigate effortlessly amongst those lost and lacking.  Born into Virtue.   A rare breed.  This Virtuous Man is he who ministers to the spiritual affairs of others.

Virtuous by Accident
There is a fortuitous type of man who grows into his potential quite by accident, never aware of the source of his gifts.  Still his Virtues spring forth - growing wild and free.  Nurtured by an accidental grace, unaware of tender need, yet provided for by providence.  These are those men who grow graceful, wild and free.  They are the fragrant, the verdant  and the bountiful.  Unaware of their true nature, yet unable to be anything else.  Willowy soulful creatures who float through life gathering and bestowing beauty and grace.  These creatures are much beloved.  They are also elusive and vague.  They cannot be caught nor caged.  The Virtuous Men - the Artists among us.  

Then there are the rest.  The Others.  The Majority.  The Masses.  Those who are born, who live and who die without ever knowing the beauty which lies dormant within them, nor the potential which has always been, but will never be.  Forlorn, these creatures die with the seeds of possibility and a potential for something greater never known.  These are the Most of Us. Virtue-Less Men.

© 2013 Shelley Holt-Lowrey

Author's Note

Shelley Holt-Lowrey
This was a thought threading itself through life's circumstance until eventually, it became - what it is now. A bit different for me, but presented all the same.

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You are quite the philosopher for a beach girl from Southern California. Not sure where I fit in this triad, but it sure gives me something to think about. In the last paragraph you repeat without twice, not sure if it was for affect or just a boo boo.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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so is it nature or nurture? there are certainly convincing arguments for both possibilities ~ and convincing contradictions, as well. i believe the "greater minds" eventually settled on a combination of both. it is a topic of thought that can spin and twiddle with the mind til one becomes a bit of an idiot. it's like trying to get a handle on the meaning of "eternity." if you haven't already, give it a spin and let me know how that goes for ya.

thank you for sharing this part of shelley that seems an incongruous part of the whole. kinda like -- who ARE you anyway, woman?

Posted 7 Years Ago

hmm this put me in a pensive mood......not good it's 2am, now i will be up all night contemplating life, once again you are messing with my bed time :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh I hope i can say in the end that I am an accident lol as i was not always kind nor did I care so much for my fellows when i was young and spry .I have learned the error from my own ways

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is great, I've known a few of the wildly growing kind in my time.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This piece intrigued me. It made me ask the tough questions; "WHERE DO I FIT? HOW HAS MY BEING A MEMBER OF THE HUMAN RACE BEEN A BENEFIT TO MY FELLOW MAN?" I like to think that I was born to a pair of "Purposeful Gardeners". I strive to be the same to my children as well.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I'm a very observant person and from what i've gathered i'm going to have to agree. The people i've met in my life all definitely fit into these categories. Though I wouldn't call them virtues. I believe there to be a better word which can fully grasp it's meaning. Because in "virtue-less" people, one can come to find within them several other virtues. and virtues don't necessarily have to contribute to somebody else's life. But regardless, this is a great eye opening analysis and it is very well written. Great job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

A slight departure for you, possibly, it does cause the reader to reflect on the thoughts expressed and to think 'Where do I fit? Like all your other writing it is fabulously well crafted and eloquent.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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You deep thinking softy you. And;s a bit different, butu it is still superb. Wellritten and striking a chord within us all. Sometimes we all have to put our hair up...metaphorically speaking because I've got none. Well, very little. Does stubble count...anyway, sometimes we have to put our hair up and write deep. And this is wonderful. Thank yu. Made my weekend

Posted 7 Years Ago

here's a piece of virtuosity...thank you for sharing this gift of your seeing...truly you are beautiful in mind and heart; all your writes are facets of this

Posted 7 Years Ago

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