In Our Seperate Worlds

In Our Seperate Worlds

A Story by Ms Oddity

Let it speak for itself

A strong breeze blew through the garden, and petals and leaves swirled up from the ground like wayward confetti. For a moment the image resembled a spring snow globe; then the wind was gone, and the image shifted.
There was a figure walking towards you at the other end of the hidden garden, seemingly from nowhere. At first, a flash of anger filled you for someone to infiltrate your hiding place, your only sanctuary from the world- then sudden curiosity filled you as you realized it was a woman.
She walked with a type of grace that was unseen with most humans, each step seeming to awaken everything around her. The calm sun peeked through the shielding leaves overhead, dappling her pure white dress in sunlight and shadow. Morning glories and ivy twined up the still-standing stonework from decades past where she now trailed her fingertips, seeming to wonder who had once treasured this place. Poppies, roses, and all types of forgotten flowers seemed to reach out for her when she drew near- calling out for the soft light she seemed to emanate.
Was she an angel?
With this thought her vibrant blue eyes of the sky looked straight into yours, almost shocking you enough to fall off your veiled hiding place among the low branches of a small tree. Everything changed at that moment, everything negative had no more meaning; there was only beauty and light.
She stood only a quick reach before you, her bare feet strong but delicate beneath her white gown which moved with the wind. A soft smile lit up her pale face as she reached out an ethereal hand for you- just for you, in your dark corner amongst the now lit rest of the garden.
Without the slightest hint of hesitation, you closed your eyes and reached out your hand, wondering whether you would feel feathers or clouds. A circle of light enveloped your dark corner, filling you with weightlessness and the wonder of the easing of a pain you never even realized you had been burdened with.
Your hands reached nothing.
Before you stood the garden, now empty, with the sun setting beyond the brickwork.
You walked through the hidden garden which you will never visit again- eternal peace had been given.

© 2012 Ms Oddity

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Added on August 6, 2012
Last Updated on August 6, 2012
Tags: redemption


Ms Oddity
Ms Oddity

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