Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 1 - A New Discovery

Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 1 - A New Discovery

A Chapter by MuddyWellyJulia

Dana Jones was a young woman who lived on the outskirts of a big city in Scotland, working in an office in the city. Her life was simple enough - she liked her job well enough, even if the hours got a little long as per usual and she lived well in a small yet comfortable one floor house that wasn’t too far a walk from her office. But at the same time she did have a constant streak of loneliness in her life. At 27 years old she had never had a girlfriend, and whilst she got on with the people in her workplace rather well she never felt the urge to spend any further time with them and was often quite shy around them, getting less involved in the discussions that they had. When she did stuff, like go to the cinema or go out to eat, she would always go alone. In many ways she preferred this but sometimes she felt dreadfully alone and wish she had some friends that she could hang out with, especially a girlfriend.

And she knew in particular who she wanted to have not just as a friend but as a lover. Not too far down the hallway from her in her office was Melissa Prince, a woman that Dana absolutely adored. She was very attractive - slim, petite and red-haired and with an elegance to everything she did. This contrasted with Dana, who was tall, rather pudgy, had messy black hair and sludgy green eyes and was often clumsy and unpolished in the way she acted. And it wasn’t just her looks - Melissa conducted herself very well, being very charming towards everybody she met whilst also managing to get them with a wit to her. Dana tried to be charming and she just about managed to get through conversations but she often had to force herself along. Importantly though, Melissa had a boyfriend who she talked about a lot and clearly had a lot of love for. Dana had to accept the sad reality that the girl that she loved so much was not just taken but likely to never give her the time of day - even if Melissa happened to be gay, she wouldn’t see a goofy screw-up like Dana as a worthy mate.

It was the end of September and the first signs of autumn were starting to poke through. Dana liked a fair bit about autumn - her birthday at the beginning of October was an obvious factor but she also liked the general ambiance of leaves falling and turning brown, as well as Halloween and Bonfire Night following each other up in rapid succession before giving way to the Christmas season. One thing she couldn’t abide with though was the amount of rain that Scotland threw at you during this timeframe. This was a highly learned habit - her parents had constantly gone on and on about how obnoxious the rain was from all their complaining about it. They had been reluctant to allow Dana and her elder sister play outside in the rain when they were younger which seemed to put into their heads that rain was the enemy - clearly they believed that you would melt if you were out in the rain for too long. And now Dana’s sister had a child, one that was highly obnoxious and bratty (like mother like son Dana constantly thought but never dared to say out loud), the cycle was continuing onto a new generation. On the slimmest chance that Dana would have children she knew she would at least try to let her kids play out in wetter weathers.

That day it had been raining hard all day; it had slowed a bit when Dana set off for home but was still dripping down and its impact could be seen all over the city streets which were saturated with water. Whilst Dana had a decent coat with a hood she didn’t have much in the way of good footwear. She was wearing her flats from the office and they were getting rather wet even as she tried to wander as carefully as she could along the wet streets. Her feet were getting soaked and she wasn’t feeling happy about it all. She would at least have herself a very hot bath once home but it still didn’t quite seem worth this obnoxious walk.

Then all of a sudden she passed by a shop window and her eye was caught by something. She could have hit herself for being so foolish - why didn’t she think of doing this before? There, sitting on the display of a shoe shop, were some pairs of wellington boots, sitting there looking splendid. Dana had not worn a pair in years, not since pulling on a cheap green pair from a local supermarket to walk through wet fields on a geography trip during her GCSEs. There was some sort of stigma about wellies, that they were too childish, that they looked ugly as footwear. But as Dana gazed in through the window she not only decided that she did not give a damn about how they looked - they would keep her feet nice and dry no matter what they looked like - but she rather liked the colours she saw. In particular she saw a pair that was her favourite colour, red, and had a glossy finish to them, which made them shine nice and bright. And almost immediately she wandered into the shop.

She went immediately to the red wellies in the window and picked them up. Goodness, they felt lovely in her hands, she thought as she rubbed her palms all over the boots, making sure to dig inside to feel what the interior was like. They were just as lovely on the inside as they were the outside. Noticing that the boots were rather small for her she wandered over to find a shop assistant.

“Hi, can I help you?” the shop assistant asked kindly.

“Yeah” said Dana, with a hint of trepidation in her voice. “I’d like a pair of these wellington boots please in a size 8.”

“Ah, Hunters” said the shop assistant. “Looks like you’ve made a good choice! I’ll see if that size is in stock.”

She returned with a pair that would fit Dana’s bigger than average feet - Dana took them and found a seat where she slipped the boots onto her tootsies. “F**k!” thought Dana. “These are amazing! What have I been missing out on all this time?” She went for a little walk around the shop, twirling around corners and stamping down aisles, all the time having that little flutter of excitement and happiness in her step. She returned and reluctantly slid them off to go and purchase them. As she walked by she noticed an important accessory - a pair of thick black socks that she thought would go well with the boots on colder and snowier days. She tried them on to see if her boots still fitted with them on and to her pleasure they did. Off she went to the till to pay for her new fancy footwear.

“That’ll be £80 please” said the young man at the till.

Dana was taken aback for mere moments. Did she really want to be dropping such a large chunk of change on footwear? It was a big ask - but all the signs seemed to be in favour of the purchase. This was Scotland - it rained frequently and there was quite a bit of snow in wintertime that melted and made the streets even more watery. Her wellies would get a lot of usage as a result, which would make them worth the purchase. Plus they looked really cute and colourful so they’d be a nice product to have regardless. As for the money, her birthday was coming up next week and she had a feeling her parents would be sending her a bit of cash as a present, so that would cover any financial shortcomings that may occur as a result of buying them. Her doubts quelled, she entered her card details and walked away. With the weather still wet outside she decided to walk the rest of the way home in her wellies and see how they held up to the weather, so she sat down, pulled off her pumps and slipped the boots back on her feet. And off she went into the wet of the streets.

As she walked down the saturated streets she noticed that her feet were snug as a bug in a rug. There was none of the soaking that her feet got when in her office pumps, they kept lovely and dry all the way through her walk home! She accidently walked through a slightly deeper puddle on her way, which would have fucked her shoes up in an instance but were no match for her big wellies! As she reached the road in which she lived on she broke out into a skip of merriment - she absolutely adored wearing these boots, more than any other footwear that she’d tried on. When she reached the front door of her little house she was almost reluctant to take them off. But she did and when she went for her soaking hot bath she could think of one thing - for the first time in ages she wished it would keep on raining.

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Added on November 25, 2017
Last Updated on October 20, 2018
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

A tomboy lesbian from Scotland who adores wellington boots (rain boots) and wearing them to jump into puddles and stomp through mud! Love writing about fun experiences about them! more..