Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 2 - Breaking In

Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 2 - Breaking In

A Chapter by MuddyWellyJulia

Dana loves her new red wellies - especially when they come in handy on a rainy day with lots of puddles, as well as a little surprise...

Dana got her wish as she woke up for work the next morning. The skies were still grey and rain was still falling down. She was a little nervous as she took her shower and got changed into her business attire - knee length grey skirt, long black tights, a white blouse and a grey blazer. She was definitely going to wear her wellies on the way to work but she wasn’t quite sure how the people in her office would react if they saw her - would they tease her, call her childish? She had packed her office shoes in her big bag which she would change into once she got to the building but at the same time she had that fear in her mind. However all of the things she was worried about were things that may not happen and by contrast if she walked the streets in her pumps she would definitely get wet feet. So the wellies went on and she left her house with her heart racing but still in high spirits.

The streets were once again very wet as she stamped down the streets but her feet didn’t feel a thing as she walked along - the water trickled down her boots and protected her when she had to walk through the deeper bits in the road that were flooded with water. With the rain pitter pattering on the hood of her yellow rain coat Dana was beginning to really enjoy the weather. As she walked through the fallen wet autumn leaves her eyes were attracted to the other side of the road. There she saw two children, a boy and a girl, both in wellies and raincoats and both jumping into a rather big puddle. Both of them were laughing and shouting, clearly having a whale of a time as their mother seemed overjoyed to see them having such fun. Dana also couldn’t resist smiling a big toothy smile in their direction - not only were they enjoying themselves so much but they were allowed to get out there and get wet by their parents. If only she could have had that luxury when she was young she thought slightly solemnly. Then she spotted a rather large puddle at the end of the road and suddenly a wicked thought crossed her mind. “Might as well make up for lost time!” she thought - and before she could stop herself she was pacing her walk along the street. Her side of the road was mostly empty which meant that her plan was going to work without bothering many people. She quickly arrived at the edge of the puddle - and jumped right in!

The splash felt phenomenal as her boots hit the watery puddle. Dana was quite shocked at how much water had gotten not just onto her boots but onto her tights and even onto her work skirt. But the feeling of shock went away right away and gave way to sheer delight - she proceeded to bounce around in the puddle a bit more, splashing the murky water up her boots and absolutely adoring it! She began laughing out loud quite childishly, grinning away as she enjoyed the splashing. However, she decided to restrict herself for the moment -  if she kept on jumping she would get soaked to the bone at the rate she was going and would have to sit at work for eight hours being all soggy. She decided then that on her way home she would go full on puddle jumping, maybe taking the slightly longer route home through the park to see if she could play outside and stomp around like a child. Then if she got very wet it would be alright as she could just go home and have a nice hot bath. Contently smiling she sauntered off to work.

Entering the lobby of the building where she worked Dana intended to go to the nearest toilets to take off her wellies and slip into her office shoes. She had gotten the shoes out of her bag ready to get changed and headed towards the toilets when, all of a sudden, out came Melissa. Dana’s heart froze and her cheeks went as red as the boots. She was utterly unsure as to how Melissa would react - would she laugh at her, sneer at her choice of footwear? Maybe she’d notice the wet tights and consider her a complete weirdo. Whatever way she looked at it the chances did not look good for her. So imagine her shock when Melissa turned her way, looked down at her welly clad feet and then quite quietly said to Dana “Love your boots!” Then she walked away.

This was not the reaction that Dana was expecting in the slightest and she was incredibly taken aback, so much so that she just stood there in surprise for a good ten seconds. The girl that she liked hadn’t laughed at her choice in footwear nor thought she was a weirdo - she had liked the sight of her wellies! This was getting all too much for Dana so she quickly dashed into the ladies room and changed into her shoes before taking the lift up to her office.

The day seemed to last forever. Dana could only think of what was going to happen after work and the fun she was going to have in her wellies, whilst her mind raced around thinking about what Melissa had said about her boots. The two didn’t speak to each other much for the rest of the day and there was no subsequent mention of the wellies. Dana wondered just why she loved the boots - maybe because of their colour? Maybe because of the fashion? Maybe it turned out that she loved wellington boots too? Who knew? Dana certainly didn’t and she didn’t quite have the pluck to ask.

Dana was buzzing and quite hyperactive by the time her eight hours were over. Practically the moment her computer’s clock hit 4:30 she was off out the door, back into the lift that took her to the ground floor and off to a bench in the main office where she took off her sensible black office shoes and pulled onto her feet her long thick black welly socks followed up immediately by her gorgeous red wellies. Not even caring if anybody saw her at that moment she zipped up her yellow rain coat and put the hood up before marching right out of the revolving doors and onto the streets. The rain had stopped a little while ago but the skies were still grey and, to Dana’s delight, the ground was saturated. She could have a lovely stomp down the street and hopefully when she got to the park there would be a lot of puddles to jump in! And off she went, stomping her wellingtons down the wet pavements, sloshing through the water that came her way whilst everyone else around her scurried along trying to avoid the puddles that had formed. Dana couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that this time yesterday she was in their position.

A flurry of autumn leaves that had fallen on the ground was the sign that Dana was coming to the entrance of the park. It was a lovely park with a duck pond and children’s play area in addition to all the windy paths and trees - Dana liked wandering through in summer and now she was going to enjoy it in a new manner. Trudging through the leaves which got stuck to the bottom of her wet boots she wandered down the path at first. There were a fair few people in the park at this time, mostly parents and kids - a good chunk of these people were similarly clad in their wellington boots, which made Dana smile a bit. Even more smile inducing was seeing these booted individual walking through, and even jumping in, some big puddles on the way. And it was time she got stuck in - she ran over to the first massive puddle that she saw and bounded in. Splash! The water cascaded upwards and not only went all over Dana’s wellies but splashed onto the hem of her skirt. She squealed a bit as the water hit her since it was a little colder than she anticipated. But the chilly temperature didn’t hinder Dana as she leapt up and down furiously in the puddles, kicking water around whilst squealing with laughter all the way. This was so much fun, to let her hair down and act like a big kid! On she went, taking her time to stomp into every big puddle that she saw.

Then as she came out of a puddle she wandered onto the wet grass and noticed something. There, shimmering on the grass thanks to the rain, was a huge brown patch of mud. Dana bit her lip as soon as she saw it - if it had been ages since she’d splashed in puddles it had been just as long a time as she’d actively stomped in mud. Her parents disliked the rain and puddles but they would get apoplectic about mud. She paused to consider the wet earth before her - did she really want to walk into it? Did she really want to get her lovely red boots all disgusting and brown? But her thoughts didn’t seem to matter as her wellies appeared to have minds of their own and were guiding Dana towards the mud. Almost before she could stop herself she stepped into it.

Her boots made the most wonderful sound as they entered the mud for the first time - squelch! Dana’s mouth fell open as the noise emitted - she was not expecting it to be this good! She decided to walk all the way through the big mud patch, slow and low, savouring every squelchy noise and every second the mud gripped her wellies, which was frequent as the mud was rather sticky. Squelch, squelch, squelch, squelch… it was so pleasing for her!

And then all of a sudden she found herself gripped far too much by the mud. She tried to move her wellies out but it was proving fruitless. “F**k, I’m stuck!” she thought, with a bit of fear gripping her mind as she grunted trying to get her wellies free from the mud. At last she pulled out one of her boots - but as a result she become unbalanced and toppled onto her knees in the mud! She gasped at this development with her knees smacking into the brown sticky mud. Picking herself up she was shocked to notice that her lovely red wellies were now a very gloopy shade of brown and the mud was all over her tights and the hem of her work dress. She stood there stunned for a moment… and then almost without thinking she dropped to her knees in the mud again! The mud had felt absolutely lovely on her wellies and clothes and though initial shocked she had adored the sensation! Shrieking with laughter she shifted around on her knees in the mud, moving around and getting a bit deeper. Getting back up again and freeing her wellies from the stuck position she observed her mucky bottom half and also saw that her blazer was now speckled with mud as a result the impact of her falling over. She smirked grimly, knowing she would have to get these clothes dry cleaned. But it was a price worth paying because of just how much fun she had.

Getting a bit tired, Dana decided to set off for home, swishing her boots in a puddle to clean them a bit. She became suddenly rather self-conscious about the fact that her bottom half of her was slathered in mud and quite heavy and that she was still in a public space. A woman came walking along down the footpath and caught sight of her. Blushing again, Dana knew she couldn’t avoid her so she had to walk on with confidence but she was wavering a little as she approached her.

“Goodness me!” exclaimed the woman noticing Dana’s mucky clothes. “What’s happened with you?”

Dana scrambled in her mind for an excuse but couldn’t find anything at all. All she could do was smile a bit and hope for the best. “Just had a bit of an accident, that’s all!”

“I see!” said the woman. “Poor you, you must be so annoyed to be so dirty!”

Dana giggled. “Actually it was quite fun!” she said in a quiet voice and sauntered away before the woman could say another word.

The rest of her trip back home wasn’t that eventful. A couple of people on the street had given her odd looks but didn’t say anything which suited Dana just fine. Once back at her humble abode she pulled her boots off outside the front door again and noticed that her tights were really rather dirty, mud rolling down them. When indoors she stood on her entrance mat with the wellies on them and pulled her tights off before wandering off to have a lovely long hot shower. Afterwards she put on a dressing gown - she was going to clean her wellies to make the lovely red colour shine through again! She picked up her boots and took them into the sink and with a sponge and some washing up liquid she carefully worked her way round the wellies, scrubbing off all of the worst mud on them and making them sparkle again! Once they had been cleaned thoroughly she put them into the boiler room in order to dry them, put on her pyjamas and spent the rest of her evening relaxed and pleased. What a first day for her new boots!

© 2018 MuddyWellyJulia

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Very well written, I especially like "But her thoughts didn’t seem to matter as her wellies appeared to have minds of their own and were guiding Dana towards the mud. Almost before she could stop herself she stepped into it."
MuddyWellieJulia writes very well about her secret love for wearing wellies (well not so secret perhaps...)

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Very well written, I especially like "But her thoughts didn’t seem to matter as her wellies appeared to have minds of their own and were guiding Dana towards the mud. Almost before she could stop herself she stepped into it."
MuddyWellieJulia writes very well about her secret love for wearing wellies (well not so secret perhaps...)

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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A tomboy lesbian from Scotland who adores wellington boots (rain boots) and wearing them to jump into puddles and stomp through mud! Love writing about fun experiences about them! more..