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Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 4 - Mucky Birthday

Dana's Adventures in Wellies Part 4 - Mucky Birthday

A Chapter by MuddyWellyJulia

Dana’s assumption was correct one. The following week at work turned out to be one of the slowest moving weeks she had ever endured. It was the end of the month, the time where she and the rest of the team had to assemble all of their workload and send it off to their client. They had a large workflow this month and everyone was scrambling to get it done, leading to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday having to be late nights for Dana and a number of her fellow employees. Making matters worse was that Melissa had come down with the flu and couldn’t come in for the week. Not only did this mean that everyone had to take on extra work but it also meant that Dana was missing the cute look and sweet laughter of her secret crush. To add insult to injury not a drop of rain fell from Sunday to Wednesday - the sun was out, clearly trying to squeeze in a final bit of summer before giving up to Autumn, which was utterly frustrating Dana for the first time - all that sun meant she couldn’t get away with wearing her lovely boots!

After what felt like an eternity Thursday rolled around. All the extra time spent at work meant that the team could submit their work nice and early on the 30th, relieving Dana of much stress. And tomorrow would be her birthday - and her little adventure with Charlie! She went out to the pictures and a quick bite to eat to celebrate before heading home, exhausted but happy. No sooner had she shut the door of her home she noticed rain starting to drizzle down from the window. “Finally! Better late than never!” she thought as the rain started to get harder and harder. The rain put a big grin on her face as she knew that it would be perfect welly weather for tomorrow, and she made sure to be very careful to pack warm clothes. Crawling into bed, she was exhausted but utterly thrilled for the events that would be coming up on her 28th.

The morning of the 1st of October dawned with grey skies and pouring rain, which helped to set Dana’s good mood for the day. Getting changed for work, she slid her red boots on and picked up her bags as she set off down the saturated streets. The wellies on her feet felt great again, like they’d never left her and she enjoyed sloshing down the wet pavements again. On her way to work she stopped off at the nearby supermarket to pick up some sweet treats for the office. As she left she heard a sneer from behind her and turned around to notice a small group of glammed up schoolgirls eyeing her and her boots up with scorn.

“Nice boots, dickhead!” one said.

Dana ignored them - what was their problem with her wearing her red boots? She didn’t know how to respond but had to think fast when another one yelled “What you wearing those stupid boots for?”

Dana noticed they were standing near a puddle and got an idea. She turned to face the posse and smirked. “So I can do this!” she replied and leapt into the puddle. The water splashed up, soaking Dana’s wellies and, to her delight, splashing the girls who were standing near her. They were shocked at their comeuppance as Dana strode away, pleased that she’d knocked their egos down a peg or two. She worried for a moment that they were following her but when she got to work she realised that they were nowhere near her - they clearly must have been too humiliated to respond.

Pleased at this turn of events, Dana headed into the lobby, slipped her boots off and went up to the office. Whilst the day was nice and everyone enjoyed the cakes she bought in her mind was not on work at all - her mind was solely on the night ahead. 4:30 barely had to time to come up on her computer before she was off out of the door and down the stairs into the lobby. Entering the toilets, she took off her smart office clothes and pulled on her scruffy civvies - this included a pair of denim dungarees and a large plaid shirt, with a hoodie for warmth if she needed them. Sliding her thick socks and wellies back on she headed out to the rear car park of the building. She needed not wait long until a black Ford Fiesta pulled up outside the doors - it was Charlie, who bought the windows down and waved at Dana. Into the car she hopped ready for the ride to her fun!

“Hello!” Charlie smiled as Dana buckled up and threw her bag into the back of the car. “How was your day? Got any gifts?”

“Good thanks!” replied Dana. “Got some cakes for the office - I had some money sent to me from my mum and Dad sent me an Amazon voucher so I’ll get myself some goodies tomorrow. But this is going to be the most fun of the night I think!”

“It certainly will be” Charlie smiled. “Look, we’re coming up to the place.”

Pulling into a little car park outside the woods Dana was thrilled to a ridiculous degree. As Charlie pulled on his black Hunters Dana hopped out and observed the surroundings as rain drizzled down. The car park was quite dusty leading to a little coating of dirt surrounding the boots of the two. All prepared the two of them wandered into the forest together, both excited for the thrill of the dirtiness that would occur. A smattering of autumn leaves had fallen onto the ground, which they both kicked and as they walked further twigs snapped underneath their booted feet. With trees all around, Dana swung gleefully from a low hanging branch and waggled her wellies as she did so, with both of them laughing at the fun.

As they continued stomping through the woods they found some big muddy puddles. Looking at each other they ran towards the puddle and made huge splashes into them! Filthy water crawled up their wellies and gave then a new brown aura! Charlie then proceeded to kick the muddy water over Dana’s way, splattering her dungarees.

“Oi!” Dana giggled. “Have some back!” And she splashed even more muddy water over him! This led to the two of them splashing around furiously in the wet mud, which led to their clothes to get really rather mucky! Laughing their heads off the pair kept on moving through the woods.

Soon they reached their ultimate destination, a boggy area that was surrounded by grass but underneath the pair knew that there was some mud lurking beneath. Dana grinned manically. “Ready to give it a go?”

“Certainly am!” said Charlie. The pair held hands and into the bog they went.

Squeelcchhhhhhhhhhh. Their Hunters started to sink beneath the surface of the grass and down into the beautiful brown mud below. Dana had never been in mud as good as this and she found it to be one of the naughtiest and most exciting experiences of her life! The two kept on slowly marching through and as they did so they saw the colours of their wellies just utterly disappear and become a deep brown! As they kept on going the mud moved higher and higher, slithering over the tops of their boots and heading up their jeans. The mud was quite chilly but Dana didn’t care, this was such a wonderful sensation! All too soon they were out of the boggy grass. Standing on the side they observed their muddy lower halves.

“That was so cool!” Dana smiled gleefully. “Now what do we do?”

Charlie smirked. “We go back in, of course!” And without warning he leapt into the air and jumped into a very wet part of the mud - before he landed he straightened his legs out in front of him which ultimately led to him landing in the bog on his arse!

Dana squealed in delight at this - she had never seen such a naughty thing done in the mud! She knew she had to have a go, so finding another wet patch of mud she geared herself up, ran and took a huge leap! Straightening her legs she shut her eyes… wham! Her arse hit the soft mud of the bog, splashing mud absolutely everywhere, even managing to land some on her face! Opening her eyes Dana looked at her boots straightened out in front of her all filthy and then gazed down at her hoodie, which was now smeared with mud! Feeling the mud that was on her face as well she threw back her head and let out an enormous laugh - this was just so much fun and just so naughty!

Charlie squelched over and pulled her up - but as she was up he pushed her back down again on her arse into the mud! Agape at his naughtiness but thoroughly loving it at the same time Dana picked up a big handful of mud and threw it at his chest before hopping up and giving him a shove into the thick mud! Once up the pair of them really began to get filthy - they jumped ferociously in the wet mud, kicked mud at each other, did some more jumping onto their arses and rolled around, with all of their clothes just losing themselves to the brownness below!

After what seemed like such a long time playing in the mud the pair began to get tired. Laughing they moved up closer together to have a look at each other all covered. So much mud had gotten onto Dana and Charlie - it was impossible to tell that Dana’s Hunters had been red and Charlie’s had been black. Their clothes were rather saturated in mud and some splashes had managed to get on their face. Dana accentuated this latter element as she dipped her fingers into the bog and wiped the mud gathered onto her face, creating cat whiskers from the filth! “Look at me!” she giggled. “I’m the dirtiest little kitty in all the lands!”

“You certainly are!” laughed Charlie. “And I’m a proper mucky pup!” And with that he took his dirty hands and wiped them all over his relatively pale face! It had just gone under to the mud now, it was hard to tell who he was!

Dana rather liked this but wanted to one up him so she turned over so she was facing the mud, took a breath - and dipped her face into it! As she came up to the surface mud utterly coated her face and dripped off her! Clearing the worst away from her eyes and mouth Dana hooted with laughter at the state she was in. “Mud on my face, big disgrace, squelching our boots all over the place!” she called out. This made Charlie laugh even harder than before.

The two ragamuffins sat there for a second or two to catch their breaths before they  that they should probably get going - they were filthy and needed to clean up before it started getting darker and colder. Pulling each other up they squelched along the way they came but before they reached Charlie’s car he took them to the right where they encountered a little stream. It wasn’t that deep but it did look like it would be more than sufficient for getting the worst bits of threalisede mud off them. Indeed, the stream proved to be greatly useful as they splashed around in it and sat down in some of the deeper parts - mud slid off the pair and they soon noticed that the red and black of their Hunters were coming back, almost good as new! However, the pair were still rather muddy, not to mention now cold and wet. It was time to go.

Charlie had old, scruffy towels in the boot of his car to keep the pair warm on the drive back to his house and his seats had protectors on them which would make any dirt that got on them that much easier to clean (Dana made a mental note to maybe get some for her car). The pair stripped off outside, being cautious of any potential visitors to the area but knowing that it was just them really. They had to use each other to help remove their wellies as quite a bit of mud and water had gotten into them! Throwing their contents on the ground all four Hunters were now off and went into a bin bag. The dirty and wet clothes went into another until the pair were standing around in just their pants. Towels around them they set off for Charlie’s place, both laughing and smiling about what they had just done.

Dana was somewhat relieved when they got to Charlie’s house and noticed that he had a garage to park his car in - the last thing she wanted to happen was for her to be caught by people she hadn’t met in just her bra and knickers! With the car parked the pair laid their muddy boots on the ground next to the car, made sure the garage door was shut and headed into the house with the bag of dirty clothes in tow.

Though the pair had cleaned up a bit in the stream they knew they now had to have a hot shower. Charlie let Dana go first whilst he put their muddy clothes on for a wash. The shower was the best thing Dana could feel at this time, the hot water being such a wonderful sensation on her dirty skin. As she scrubbed and scrubbed away at all the muck and grime her skin turned pink and any sensation of coldness from playing outside just dissipated. Hopping out, she dried herself down and wrapped the towel around her body - whilst Charlie got clean she was going to scrub down their Hunters before changing into her pyjamas.

A short while later Dana and Charlie were in the position to relax. Charlie had clearly enjoyed his own shower and Dana’s expert scrubbing meant that their filthy Hunters were now all clean and colourful once more as they sat drying in the garage. Both of them were in their pyjamas, had a beer each in their hand and had ordered pizza to deliver. On the sofa with blankets covering them they had dug around to find some box sets of TV shows they both loved. Dana lay back in pure ecstasy. “This is one of the best birthdays I could have imagined having” she smiled. “Thank you, Charlie, for letting it happen.”

“Anything for a fellow muddy buddy” replied Charlie as the two of them lay back in their lap of luxury.

© 2018 MuddyWellyJulia

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Added on March 31, 2018
Last Updated on March 31, 2018
Tags: Wellies, Mud, Puddles, Hunters



Edinburgh, United Kingdom

A tomboy lesbian from Scotland who adores wellington boots (rain boots) and wearing them to jump into puddles and stomp through mud! Love writing about fun experiences about them! more..