Wrinkles Evil Left on Your Face

Wrinkles Evil Left on Your Face

A Poem by Erudite

I can now see the wrinkles evil has left on your face.

I'm tempted to condescend to the laymen
There's a million supposed geniuses saying the same s**t
They found a ticket to the top, they been trying to claim it
Looking for an offer for their soul, trying to do some tradin'

We're all geniuses in our own mind, 
Overestimating ourselves all the damn time 
But the wisest of us all, knows we know nothing
We are but fools meandering the Abyss.

Conversing with you is like chatting up mud.
Every great idea hits you with a thud
You're a vacant space on someone else's lot, 
Rarely experimenting in the realm of thought,

You consider yourself moral, but your sins resemble ours.
You consider yourself kind, but your selfish, dark,
Tainted Will can never be hidden. We see your true self.
You consider yourself a martyr, but you have no beliefs to die for.

I'm disgusted. For you I hold disdain. Years of choosing to love you has left my heart in ruins. It seems apparent to me you've become a toxic, caustic, disgrace.

I can see now the wrinkles evil has left on your face.

© 2017 Erudite

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i have learned much over the years that you express in this poem...the longer i live, the more i learn, the more i realize i don't know---wisdom is realizing we have always can learn more...and the less we think we are sinners, the more we really are...

i like this...third line should be "there are a million"
and one other suggestion would be to leave the description out and let the reader absorb the poem and come up with his or her own meaning...
but i really like the poem itself...thoughtful and poignant....

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on June 4, 2017
Last Updated on June 4, 2017
Tags: morality, random, bitterness, grudge, hedonism, hypocrisy



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