-Zendalko Meets A Zephyr-

-Zendalko Meets A Zephyr-

A Story by Erudite

(A short clip of a story) He's a powerful and respected wizard from Pragmana, and he thought his greatest adventures were behind him.

A short while after playing my part in winning the War of Fastings for the Pragmate Union, I'd completed work on my famous levitating home over Druk'al Bay, where I'd planned to settle down. The events that followed, however, put those plans to rest and lead me to a place more glorious than anywhere I've been before or since. My name is Zendalko Behruvin, and these are the stories from my time in Cloud City, about which I've never spoken before.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was out on the wraparound balcony of my floating castle sipping on a strong fairy dust tea, the kind that'll knock you off your feet and take you higher than a four-winged wyvern, and leaning on the aged balcony railing from which a red coat of paint had mostly flaked off. The castle was an incredibly expensive thing to build, might I add. The rune crystals that provide the necessary energy to lift the floating mansion into the air cost 95,000 ferrin by themselves, not to mention the wages I paid the crew for securing them to the ocean floor. It's really a pity that my visitors are never accurate in their estimation of the home's worth, given how marvelous of a design it is. But I digress. Anyways, a warm breeze was playing through my hair and I'd just come to a new appreciation of the beauty that lay upon my home's surrounding vistas, when I looked up and noticed a wind spirit gliding down towards me. As one might imagine, these entities of air aren't easy things to see. They're only given away by flowing white trails moving by their own accord, and not with the breeze.
On any other occasion, and like any other man, I'd have been struck with trepidation at seeing the sudden approach of a spirit, but I could tell this was a benevolent gust of wind, being that its curtrails and dancing dust motes were filled with a frenetic whimsy, and not the omen of bitterness that the other spirits passing by seemed to carry. The zephyr cheerfully flew down to me from high above, toppling over itself on its way, and, when it came within a kissing's distance, passed quickly through me, grabbing ahold of my soul and whisking me out my skin to join it as passenger on its evening skylit joyride.
The wind spirit had an overwhelming personality, to say the least. It wouldn't settle for a mere traipse about the clouds. No. It insisted on tight turns, barrel rolls, and white-knuckle sharp dives, as if a more turbulent and nausea-inducing flight might translate to a greater gift bestowed upon me, its chosen human. I decided it was best to humor the naive zephyr's reckless attempts at impressing and exciting me. Perhaps I was the first human he'd blessed, I supposed. So, as much as I loathed his ludicrous flipping maneuvers, on account of the sickening feeling of blood rushing to my stomach with every hairpin turn, I knew better than to count a fortune spirit's enthusiasm as a mark against him. Regardless, though, all that racing through the skies didn't make for an easy adjustment to my new phantom-like form.
"Say, how long will I be like this? Without a body, I mean." I asked the gust. I tried touching my thumbs to my fingers, but, being comprised of only a grey ethereal outline and without skin, they simply passed through where they should have stopped.
"Leeet your countenaaance be troubled nooot." The white spirit breathed back. "Your cooorporeal form will be waaaiting."
We dived down low, then jetted over the surface of an ocean at bulletspeed, blasting up splashes and mist in our wake while hot yellow sunlight sparkled through. The zephyr's hyper-enthusiastic endeavors had won. I was in awe.
"Good!" I yelled at the zephyr through our deafening acceleration. "Can't say I'm in a hurry to get back to my body! The thing always was a meaty hindrance. You know, it's not often I get a chance to fly alongside a wind spirit! Tell me, do you know how to get to the city above the clouds?"
"Ahhh, yes I dooo. I'll take you there, if that is your wish." The Zephyr replied.

© 2019 Erudite

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Added on November 19, 2019
Last Updated on November 19, 2019
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