Our Place

Our Place

A Poem by Music's Color

For a very special someone. I love you.




There’s a dream, there’s a time,

When all I do is think

As clear rain drips down glass

That I gaze out of and I

Speak to a great gray sky,

“What is out there?

What do you hide?”


I can’t help but dream, dream of

A place so far away

A place that’s so beautiful.

I get to entwine our fingers and look

Deep into your eyes to say,

“Come with me now;

I can show you our place.”


A place where nothing, nothing can

Ever interrupt our peace

A place where we cannot fear

And we can just be relieved

So I can promise you,

“Now there’s nothing to fear,

Nothing to stop us now.”


A dream’s come very, very true

When I think of how much this helps.

I’ll be able to kiss you, defend you

And I believe that this will grow

Into something so I can say

“Our place is here to stay,

So that we also will.”


This is our place.

I promise you that I’ll be here,

And so will our haven where

I can just stay and grow old

So I am yours and you mine to hold

And here it is.

Our place.

© 2010 Music's Color

Author's Note

Music's Color
I felt all mushy and gooey and decided to sit down and write this for someone I love a lot. It was an unusual but pleasant experience. I felt really happy.
Please, don't be harsh to this if you have anything negative to say about it. This is a very personal piece. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I don't think it makes very much sense - but love does that too, right?
Have a nice day, everybody. To reviewers and this person alike, I love you. Very much.

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Added on March 1, 2010
Last Updated on March 1, 2010


Music's Color
Music's Color

San Diego, CA

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