It's Raining Muck

It's Raining Muck

A Poem by Mutley

Today's Forecast: Muck, muck and more muck! Gentlemen, ready your rakes! We have a big hungry audience craving our beloved muck!


Somewhere among the dandelions,

Comes crashing the pylons.

Somewhere among the wealth,

Comes crashing the health.


Infrastructure threatened today,

Lives in danger tomorrow.

A little more to pay,

Brings nationwide sorrow.


How are we supposed to live?

Tell us our lives in your pensive.

Like you know what you say,

Cause up there it’s always your way.


What if I told you,

That I didn’t have to listen?

What would you do?

That’s right, let that sweat glisten.


Pump more of it,

As we all watch and sit.

Show us your magnificent wit.

As we all chew the grit.


Floating in our minds,

Mediocrities of the hellish kinds.

Hammering at our consciousness,

A concussion of the witness.


I say stop it all,

Before we all fall,

To this monolithic wall.

Which fascinates the nation to a crawl.


Stop gauging the population,

And running your omnipotent perpetuation.

Willing the throngs to your fixation,

The people’s daily dose of soul taxation.


The masses worship,

Our nation’s deceitful flagship.

Following the backseat dictatorship,

That wields a toxic authorship.


I say stop it before its all gone,

Wither away our intellect to a yawn.

We are all a pawn,

In this game on your transcending lawn.


If we all stopped listening to you,

You would have no clue what to do,

For your only purpose is gutting us through.


Fish you had once slew,

Spawn anew in the ocean blue.

We no longer look at what you drew,

Listen to your next forged issue,

Eat from that muddled political stew,

Or heed your relentless misery too.


We only wish for a return to the true.


But I must first break this daze of congregation,

That has befallen the population,

All worshipping your entrancing propagation.

© 2010 Mutley

Author's Note

This one doesn't flow very nicely, but it gets the point across...

Tell me what you think, and be honest!

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Added on February 23, 2010
Last Updated on March 1, 2010
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