Save the Princess

Save the Princess

A Poem by Mutley

My problem with Green

There he stood,
Upon the rubble of civilization,
A world misunderstood,
Not a soul, complete desolation.

He remembered life as it had been,
The joyous memories within,
And the ones of doom therein.
He pondered these, well known,
For one reason alone,
He was the only man left to bemoan.

There had been warnings,
There had been fear,
There had been action,
But had there been truth?

They had cried through the streets,
“Oh, save the planet,
Or we shall ruin it!”
Many listened,
Many changed.

Man had assumed responsibility,
Man had taken authority,
Man had changed with pride,
Had they not made it better to reside?

But what man had claimed as their own,
Was an unspoken power greater than him,
One who did not speak or moan,
For she did not need words to disown,
To show who owned the throne.

She had allowed man in her home unmade,
Man spent her riches unpaid,
Yet there he stayed,
Spawning his filth to degrade,
Infecting the children she made,
His ignorant power masquerade.

His last amend,
Was the very last to offend,
For she began to end,
To cleanse the filth, she did intend.

She cried out,
Through thunder and lightning throughout,
“Man, you are not saving me,
You are saving yourselves.”

Wind swept and wind torn,
Flash flooded and earth shattered,
Fire scorched and winter frozen,
Man cried one last plea,
“Had we not at least tried?”

She answered with infernos,
Covering man’s inventions,
Covering man’s ambitions,
To her, what did this mean,
But another filth to clean?

With man’s final moment in order,
He had finally realized with great horror,
That he was simply a parasite,
And all of the amends,
Had only been for his own ends.

There he stood, knee deep,
In his own rubble heap.
Where he could only weep,
As his ruins, in eternal sleep,
Became the greatest art of all her keep,
Her splendid glory,
Untouched of man.

© 2010 Mutley

Author's Note

Did I even get my point across?

My Review

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Yes, yes you did, and in a well-penned manner too. I like the rhyming pattern, very original, plus the poem itself tells a story so that's like 2 in 1 :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

you've written this quite well Mutley, and it speaks for itself.
of the times and growing up and life, and all that encompasses tragic philosophy and I must say, quite passionate. excellent job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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