Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

A Poem by Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

What can I tell you
about how I feel?
I can express I'm aware of every emotion,
And I know I need to heal.
I can tell you exactly where they came from
and what exactly caused them.
I can describe how they're so unbearably painful
and that I'm working to resolve them
I can explain in the most poetic and lyrically gifted way
how hard it is to face my emotions,
each and every day.
I can weave my words on how I feel,
in ways that nobody can say
Just to make you comprehend the stress
that my mind and body pays

I'm a thousand miles from my own words.
But the first to understand
It's like I'm fixing you a puzzle,
but the pieces are too far 
from my reaching hand.
It's like I'm writing you a story,
but run out of ink to write the end.
It's like I'm without a paintbrush
trying to paint an image in your head

So although I'm self-aware
of every emotion that I've expressed
I'd rather be completely clueless,
and unaware instead.

Even though I can explain my emotions
Down to the finite and the specifics,
Even though
I can admit that I know
I've become undone and feel unfinished,
this entire time
I know you've tried,
but there's a point that you've been missing.
I want so badly to feel completed,
but the tools required 

...are non-existent.

© 2019 Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

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Added on September 13, 2019
Last Updated on September 13, 2019
Tags: Mental Health, BPD, poem, poems, monolouges, monolouge, inner monolouge, mental illness, feelings, emotions, life, free verse poem, sad, sadness, empty, emptiness




My names Morgan, I'm 26 years old. I have a pretty cool cat and a witty personality. I tend to have a lot of emotions and feelings that I don't always understand or that I understand all to well, eith.. more..