My Mind

My Mind

A Poem by Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

My Mind,

Oh my precious mind; my thoughts; my companion; my direction
you have been with me since the time of my inception

Together, you have fought with me to the ends of the earth
you stuck with me in my brightest days and darkest nights
From cradle, you have shaped, nurtured and craved me into
what I am today; a beautiful imperfection.

Oh my precious mind.

A friend without strings
The only one other than my creators, who knows my 
deepest secrets; my darkest thoughts, my greatest fears, my hopeless
shames and my widest imagination.

I'm a reflection of you, and without you, I'd become like a bearing with no direction,
an animal untamed, a man without ambition; what's a lion without it's mane?
without you, I'd become insane;
a mad man with a blown fuse walking
around in a loop, soon to be chained.

My mind,

My only companion, my loyal servant. The one who tames
the beast in me
and reminds me of my humanity.
The difference between me and an animal.
You speak the truth regardless of how much it hurts me.

My mind,

A marvelous piece of god's jewelry, a work of art, beautifully and wonderfully
crafted as a precious gift from my creator.
you're the medicine to my sickness, the antidote to my poison.
You're my poet; my artist; my counselor; my advisor and the
day I lose you is the moment I stop existing.


© 2019 Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

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Added on September 13, 2019
Last Updated on September 13, 2019
Tags: Mental Health, BPD, poem, poems, monolouges, monolouge, inner monolouge, mental illness, feelings, emotions, life, free verse poem, sad, sadness, empty, emptiness




My names Morgan, I'm 26 years old. I have a pretty cool cat and a witty personality. I tend to have a lot of emotions and feelings that I don't always understand or that I understand all to well, eith.. more..