Sins in little boxes

Sins in little boxes

A Story by Myrinn Lastena-Sterling

This is A really short story I wrote for school , Caution this is written on a very high level of reading so if your confused sorry, (not to insult you my beautiful reader)


Princess in a box

“And to God or Satan in no preference I ask; ‘Will ever be free?’”

The sea stirs like an infant amidst a loud noise. How I long to be Queen Lilith who steals the life of children in nurse. To wizen this vile sea like the undeveloped lungs of a bantling. Alas I am not a queen nor will I ever be. A princess? No?, a demon in a box.

I ponder the thought that this is hell, I suppose it would be a worthy but illogical castigation for my crime. Lord Lucifer would see that the most cruel torment be lay upon me. Once, I fell in love with him. That merciless man, but it was merely a schoolyard crush. No one could love such a ruthless monster. But maybe? Maybe when I close my eyes and  I hold my nose, and refuse to breathe the the air of my confine which reeks of fowls and their droppings and sways nauseatingly to the flow of the ocean. I can think that, maybe, that King of hate, Lord of despair, Prince of evil. That he has shown me his only compassion.

In this box feathers are are strewn across the wooden bottom droppings lay on every surface and it seems to be that of a bird, but no corpse of the animal have I found. A creature so used to flying and spreading itself in the sky that surely it died only from the lack of air, of breeze.  I hope to know again the wind in my wings my vulnerable chest, and never will I spread myself again.

I starve in many ways. My stomach growls though I don’t need it, the memory of divine cuisines torments me. And the thirst for water tears at my throat. And finally on a terrible beautiful day, God made it storm over the ship and precious drops poured threw the lines on light in the crate and quenched my rasp. Like form the heaven A god sent me a sign, that he was still there and the lid was ripped from my cage. II sprung, though famished and weak and spread my wings where the rain had stopped and flew up into the sky,  and over head I began to feel dizzy, as if still swaying on the boat and fell into the ocean where those merciful drops drown me and pulled me into that swaying sea.

© 2010 Myrinn Lastena-Sterling

Author's Note

Myrinn Lastena-Sterling
I know I have a bunch of sentence frags, what do you think about the overall style, the peice itself should it be expanded are you confuse, and most importantly DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY GENIUS!!!!

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Added on October 11, 2010
Last Updated on October 11, 2010


Myrinn Lastena-Sterling
Myrinn Lastena-Sterling

Austin, TX

I'm Myrinn! (My-Ron/Ren) or you can call me Sterling because its a sexy name. @ge: shush! I can't say much, at age 12 I decided to become, (best idea ever) A Homo-Erotic fiction novelist! yeah... .. more..