A Story (Heaven-Bound)

A Story (Heaven-Bound)

A Poem by Mjr. Tom

Take my hand, my friend

Let us follow the lonely shadow on the wall

Listen to the whispers of the wind, follow the call

It may be loud, it may be far, even around the bend

It may be silent, even so lets just play pretend

As long as we're away from here, it may never

Seperate us from the shade, ever.


The Hollow Men come, looking for the light

Their Everywhere! Everywhere. Only a reach away

Moaning to see Heaven's rays

Although their close, we take flight

Astray, away, from their darkened sight

Crossing styx and barren bone

Making our way to the wall of stone


Under now, natures roof and shrubbery

Vacant stares climb my back

As I tread behind the spirit of black 

A figure appears, consort of the Enemy

Cackling, wheezing, wielding a key

"Give us your soul, join our fire

You'll receive all you want, all desires..."


"Leave us fiend, servant of the fallen star

No more lies, and sly remarks

My sole desire: To leave the creeping dark"

"I see youve traveled long and far...

To pass... You must prove how innocent... you truly are...

Why follow something you cannot see?"

"Faith, faith makes one crazy and free"


"Do you follow for greed or prize?"

"I don't lie, I follow in love

What I seek is far above

So begone, to your Lord of Flies

I had enough of your wicked lies"

"Farewell, you pass but I'm not gone

I am inevitable, like the dawn"


With that the Creature disappeared

While the light fell down like healing rain

Sprawled across the ground like holy veins

The lonely shadow returned, to lead

So I fled from the fringe of the dead

Lay ahead was the Golden Gate

Like the Lord whom bore the thorns, I escaped a broken fate.


The light flickers for just a moment

While he stood upon a chair, rope in hand

His Shadow shivers, hand-to-hand

The message was Angel-sent

He can still smell brimstone, a horrid scent

Throw the rope, walk on down, and look around

He will live, heaven-bound.

© 2011 Mjr. Tom

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Very creative.. I loved this peice.. Its one of my faves :) Keep up the good work hunni


Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

This is absolutely awesome!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is an interesting story, like a fantasy novel peppered with imagery of Celtic paganism and it's one time mortal enemy, Christianity. The rhyme is good, the pacing nice, and the allusions to places and works of literature are solid.

Nice work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Mjr. Tom

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