Song For A Returning Soldier

Song For A Returning Soldier

A Poem by Nicole

A poem written for the woman who stands and waits for her returning love, a man who risks his life for his love and his country.

I feel the wind against my face,
I feel the turn of time and space,
I feel the beating of my heart,
I feel it being torn apart,

I stand upon our spot of ground,
I stand and wait to hear a sound,
I stand and know you are my love,
I stand and beg the gods above,

I watched you leave me in the rain,
I watched and wept in deepest pain,
I watched you stop and turn and say
That you'd be coming back someday.

I hoped you would remember me,
I hoped the gods would hear my plea,
I hoped that I might see your face,
I hoped you'd find me in this place,

I stood here once so long ago,
I stood and let my lover go,
I stood here every day to see,
I stood and hoped you'd come for me,

I stand and look and hope today,
I stand for all we'd hoped to say,
I stand and hear you call to me
and run to where I dreamt you'd be.

I see the blood upon your lips,
I see you tremble at our kiss,
I see you weep in our embrace,
I see you've come back to our place,

I know that you must leave me now,
I know you'll make it back somehow,
I know you love me and always will,
I know you know I love you still,

I wait now until that final day,
I wait for this world to fade away,
I wait to break these mortal bars
and dance with you amongst the stars...

© 2012 Nicole

Author's Note

I teared up when I saw the picture. It's so moving. My husband serves in the US military so it really spoke to that part of my heart that worries if he will come home.

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Added on February 23, 2012
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