Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by NaCl

The old fashioned bell slammed against my ears as I sat in my seat and adjusted my glossed over lips and short plaid skirt. Miss Crundle strode to the front of the room with a superior manner that was held by a handful of the students here. Soon the woman, really it was pointless to call her anything other than that, began passing out papers.

There were suprosed gasped and murrmurs as she passed out the hot pink sheets to the girls and the baby blue sheets to the boys. At the top it read:

Welcome to Baerburry!

Name: Hope Wurthing

Initial match: Cory Daniels

Initial base group: Becca Straye, Mathias Anderson, Katie Gregors, Josh Cooper, Lexi Geroge, Ben Deltrius, Gabby Fage, and Matthew McDonal

These are your initial friends and your basic match. Although subject to change it is not likely as you are now part of the

Elite Group

I looked to my right and saw a boy with a light blue paper staring at my sheet. He had sandy brown hair that fellover the strangest shade of gray eyes. His skin had a slight hint of a summer tan, and his teeth were comparable only to fresh snow.

"Hi," he whispered, "I'm Cory."

"Hope," I whispered back and stuck out my hand. Instead of shaking it he held onto it a moment before squeezing it and letting go. Was HE really my new match? I couldn't beleive it.

"Attention!" Miss Crundle demanded. We all immediatley obliged and sat back straight in our chairs. "Now all of you are either beta or," Miss Crundle paused before she said with a twinkle in her eye, "Elites. You have all had your basic groupof friends and your boyfriend chosen to best suit your needs. We have no rules against PDA and acedemics are not a concern. You are here because if you make it as an elite, we will support you your whole life."

I stood up and gathered my books. I turned right into Cory.

"Of course we have coordinated schedules, shall we go off to social?"

"Studies?" I asked, confused.

"From what I hear it is really just a social period." Cory reaced down and took my free hand and we walked into the buzzing hallway.

© 2011 NaCl

Author's Note

Btw, the prolouge may end up having nothing to do with this, I will see where this goes.

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awesome! Can't wait for more!!
On the last sentence, though, you forgot the 'h' in reached

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sorry it is a little short, I was trying to get it out quickly, the next one will be longer, unless you prffer the short more frequent chapters, let me know :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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