Spring Time

Spring Time

A Poem by Nandawula Regine Kabali-Kagwa

This is a poetry piece that beautifully paints a picture about the chemistry between a couple. Crafted with metaphors with references to seasons.


She knew it was Spring
When the air alone danced along the trees
Joining hands with its leaves
Bringing its flowers into glee

She knew that New Beginnings has awaken from its slumber
Now that opportunity lays ready to be harvested
To be consumed by the deserving
And the willing


She's always known he was the one for her
For every seed he's planted within her
One of love
From the moment his smile put all doubts into a drought
Negativity rotting rapidly
And " she's worth it", blossoming beautifully

One of respect
For all the times he gave her space
When she was feeling small and insecurities lurking
He was there to water her
Soaking her up and now she's a masterpiece

You just know
And she did

He loved her through all her seasons
Not once has she died down
Months have now stumbled into years
Years shall now cascade into a century
Gently, ever so slowly


She wanted every moment
To matter like the very pulse they both possess
From their hot summers where irritation reaks from them
To the somber autumn times where hardship repeats and...

It's okay because she already knows
That they will make it
They will see more seasons and maybe make their own
As long as she will sing along with the time
Beside him

© 2022 Nandawula Regine Kabali-Kagwa

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A+ for you. This was so beautiful to read. Really well written. Great work!

Posted 6 Days Ago

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Added on June 20, 2022
Last Updated on June 20, 2022
Tags: Romance, love, couple, relationships


Nandawula Regine Kabali-Kagwa
Nandawula Regine Kabali-Kagwa

South Africa

Nandawula is a young poet who has self-published her first poetry collection, "Inside Her Roses". She has been a writer for years and has grown exponentially. Her ability to craft her own descriptive.. more..