Will Memories Of You Ever Fade?

Will Memories Of You Ever Fade?

A Poem by HereWithoutYou<3

I wish I could go back.
Or atleast stop you from walking away...
Leaving me behind.

I miss you.
I miss us.

I shared everything with you.
Maybe that was my mistake...
But now I am lost and I need you.
I want you to read my heart like an open book.
Figure out how much you mean to me.
Maybe then you won't leave and walk away.

I will always need you.
But maybe Memories of you will fade.
I wish this all could just end!
I could go back to being happy!
But I am missing you way too much.

Will you tell me what's the matter?
Will you ever trust me again?
I don't understand.
I wish you could just stand...
Right beside me...

Hug me.
Kiss me.
Show me that you care!

Why won't the memories of you fade!?

© 2010 HereWithoutYou<3

Author's Note

My friend since 1st grade I moved and didn't see him again until now, we went out but then everything turned down hill. I miss him, and I know he still cares but keeps denying it. And now he doesn't even want to talk to me. Me and him liked everything the same, and we have such great times together... He says I played him but I have no idea how... and I am not sure what to do... Please help... I have been crying for three days and just needed to let everything out. My friend is trying best to help...

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This poem has a rare hook and that is the flow, it is very lyrical.
there's a significant depth compared to the meaning and it all
entwines nicely, you've done a great job, keep it up

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 23, 2010
Last Updated on September 23, 2010



My nickname is Dani. :PI love writing, reading and music! The music I listen to is Flyleaf, Skillet, Fireflight, TFK, We the Kings. So Yeah I am kinda weird but im a very fun person xD!! And I'm bored.. more..