A Poem by Moonie

~Fishbowl world~

He sits atop the sink
next to the fancy soap-dish and
daydreams in pink bubble baths,
dipping his pale toes
in the pools of tomorrow,
and hoping the waters are just right
to warm the cockles of his heart.
Left alone,
he'll stay up every day,
fickle rainbows on fish scales,
studying the fishbowl world
with the curiosity of one
with a foot in the coffin,
who only dreams of
being young
once again.

how he'd move over the terrible
ocean waves, undulating
like newborn manta
in the cool electric current
of Neptune's lullaby song.
He'd live with the merpeople
in their sea-shell homes,
sip lavender wine, and
swim with comb jellies--
seaweed strung in hair and
eyes full of wonder
at the pastel world whirling
with pearly iridescence.

© 2020 Moonie

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My boyfriend is a Pisces and he is the s**t.
I have a feeling he would really like this write too.
Another really cool write.
I love the astrology theme.

Posted 7 Months Ago

this reminds me of when I was young...I always had aquariums...and wondered if the fish were as fascinated with me as i with them.
I thought it was either "what a life---get to swim all day, get fed...never thirsty" or "jesus this is boring...just swimming in circles...same old same old every day...and having to watch this idiot
who feeds me, for hours...and why is he always staring?"
well, much like humans...your allegory here...there are those who live in this kind of world.
I bet they would love to have some privacy...and not have everyone see their comings and goings.
life is a circle...and when we are on our way out...
we will wonder, with frayed fins, if we ever made it to that place to which we were swimming.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on July 12, 2020
Last Updated on July 12, 2020
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