Christmas Noose

Christmas Noose

A Poem by Moonie

~A dark take on the holiday season~

I contemplate the wake
of another sarcastic Christmas eve,
spent staring at green strings of
stinging lights, and talkative cutlery.
Alabaster fingers curling
around spoons, and fine-tuned talk.
Candles licking at the wall's old paint,
with flame kisses. A knot
in my heart, as we tug
at each other's strings, willing
inwardly for the other to give up.
A final pull, and we might just
fall apart
with the sound of
dropped china bowls, the ones
that tinkle at intervals, caressed
by hands that dare not skim
a touch.
Each hour, I feel
the Christmas noose tighten
around my neck, coiling
and uncoiling with
every word said, slowly strangling out
the air from my lungs.
It's odd to be back here now,
in the rooms
where my teen ghost
still wanders,
lost in otherwordly expectations from life.
Had I known
how you'd end up twenty years hence,
shrunken under the immense weight
of your cotton ball head, and
decrepit bones,
I would have broken the curfew a lot more,
done heroin, and watched porn
with open doors.
But, at long last, I'd hoped
to sever my ties from the patchwork past;
but when I see you now, hunched and hollowed--
a husk of your older self,
sour fear rushes to my throat.

All this time, 

I thought I was swimming my way
through life
but like you, I'm barely afloat.

© 2020 Moonie

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Very grim but humourous sounding poem about hcristmas. I enjoyed it.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Added on September 3, 2020
Last Updated on September 3, 2020
Tags: dark, Christmas, poem, poetry



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