Deep Sleep: Forest of secrets

Deep Sleep: Forest of secrets

A Chapter by The Secret Writer

Jade realizes a change in her life....or should I say her dreams...or both...


     What is this?Where am I?What's going on?These are the questions that most would ask when they are lost in a place they do not recognize.For me it would be the same, unless of course I recognize wherever I am.Which in this case I have absolutely no memory of where I am now.Yet, for some reason I have some sense of familiarity.The last thing I remember is going to sleep on my bed after getting home from a check-up at a hospital because I was hit by an oncoming car.Just now I woke up in the middle of a forest.Surrounded by flowers and tall grasses with the sweet scent of vanilla in the air.

      No cars, no people, no buildings and absolutly no trash. The only thing I could see were the tallest trees I've ever seen.Thick grasses and flowers surrounded me.I stood up and looked around to see if I could call someone for help.Then I looked down at my feet to notice that I was barefoot.I could feel the cold moist soil in between my toes.I felt the wind flow through my hair.The smell of vanilla followed with the sound of birds chirping.It's like all of my senses were at their peak.All of the sudden I felt a slight pain.I looked down to see a spiral shaped glowing green stone in my chest.I immediately tried to take the stone out thinking I was injured.The more I tugged or pulled, the more pain I felt. The stone didn't budge.It had only glowed brighter as if it were a heart rappidly beating. It wasn't till then I had realized that I wasn't dressed normally.My tank top and shorts had been exchanged for a longer almost capri like pant with a unique vine inspired top. My clothes were a mixture of an Ivory green and a sea like color.Spiral detail completely covered the cloth. The top and bottom looked almost like it was made to match the stone in my chest.I tried calling for help yet there was no answer.I wandered around aimlessly through the forest in search for an answer to where I was.

     The smell of vanilla got stronger as I went further into the forest.Thinking it would lead me to somewhere with people I followed the scent as best I could.I heard a rustle in the bushes around me.I couldn't tell what it was that was making the bushes rustle.I was curious so I moved foward to see what it was.I pulled back a branch on the bush to see a rodent like creature in the shadows.I leaned in to get a closer look.Right then the rodent like creature just out and ran off.In the spur of the moment I had fallen to the ground, scraping my knee on a nearby rock.By this point I had three thoughts in my mind.Where was I?How did I get here? and Where is everyone? These questions kept circulating through my mind as I sat on the ground undisturbed.I sat on the ground for five minutes before getting up to search again.As I started to get up, I heard what I thought was a voice in the distance.I listened closely hoping to not have misheard.

      I listened closely waiting to hear the voice again.The ground had started to shake.It felt like a small earthquake.I would say a 2 on the richtor scale.All the sudden I heard a shrill scream on it's way toward me.As the sound got closer I started to panic thinking of what might be coming so I quickly hid myself in a nearby bush.The ground was still shaking.It felt like the ground had started to shake even more.I finally felt like what it was like to be in one of those scary movie type phenomenons.I looked and waited for something to jump out at me and then I remembered watching a horror flick where the person comes out of their hiding place and gets murdered so I waited for the time being.The ground started to stop shaking and the scream had subdued.It was quiet.It was so quiet that you heard no birds,no trees,and the only thing you could hear was the swift sounds of wind passing by your ears.I was somewhat amazed by the pure silence.After looking around to check it was safe I jumped out of the bush.I started to stare in the direction the scream had come from.Still in utter silence I tried to make my way toward the sound.

© 2010 The Secret Writer

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 25, 2010
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The Secret Writer
The Secret Writer


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