Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls

A Poem by Nathan Thompson

Schools are robbing children of the right to be creative and different, this is a poem to them.


Poor boys and girls, held up by your greying pencils and your blue or black pens.

Your neatly lined text books, open at facts that will not enter your mind nor stir your thoughts.

Poor boys and girls, looking at the world through your eager faces and watching the colour drain into dullness.

Colours become primary and secondary and our explanations leave you with straight mouthed faces and a lack of thirst

Poor boys and girls, what wonderful tripe we forbid you to read, we tie your ballet shoes together to stop you dancing. You do not stop, you just fall and cry and look confused.

We give you confusing words and tell you how to read them, beautiful pictures and tell you how to admire them, tell you how great artists are but warn you from following their paths.

Poor boys and girls, we try to drown you with the jug of knowledge and those that refuse to drink we call you stupid and label you as foolish and claim that you will fail with life.

We will not let you to enter the world with your dreams but we shall make you dreamless, we will make you practical to our world by pulling you from yours and making you stand straight and sigh.

Poor boys and girls, forgive us, we are making you us and we know exactly what we do.

© 2011 Nathan Thompson

Author's Note

Nathan Thompson
This is a poem about the education system and how it is constantly striping children of creativity

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So true, indeed and well written. Very blunt, and I could not agree any more than what you have expressed. Great work!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Nathan Thompson

3 Years Ago

Thanks. I haven't had a review in so long. admittedly that might be because I haven't written anythi.. read more

3 Years Ago

Hey that is totally fine, at least I can read what you have done before and be able to embrace and e.. read more
Nathan Thompson

3 Years Ago

Well I hope you enjoy it. i was astonished when I saw that a poem I wrote called Club Scene had over.. read more
it is one of our worst social deficiencies . . . schools are not made for making thinking children

Posted 9 Years Ago

this somehow put a smile on my face =D
great write!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson

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Well, hi there all...erm...I'm Nathan, I'm 26 and I live in Manchester, England (for the people who consider England too small a country to know where it is, it's that weird shaped one just above Fra.. more..


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