She'll get to him

She'll get to him

A Poem by Nathan1289

An apocalyptic adventure begins, how will it end?

She walks through the village as it falls to her feet, she skips over the chaos as she carries flowers to him. She prays to god that she'll get to him.

She ignores her limits and her strengths are untold. Her instincts void the pain, and memories fuel her. She will get to him.

Buildings crumble and the river begins to rush. She runs, jumps and swims. A candle in the dark, her beating heart lights the way through the night to him.

She makes fire and sleeps, regaining the energy she needs to get to him. Her flowers blooming ever more, they feed her smiles and pick me ups. She aches to get to him.

The wasteland the world has become surrounds her. She carries colour through a land of grey. Symbols, strings and poets rejoice. She's closer to him.

A final struggle, and a mountain she moves. Her legend has begun to spread across the people. Her footprints left in mood, snow and sand. She's a shadow that has been where you live. Soon she'll get to him.

A forest of beauty surrounds her as she enters a gate. Her flowers thrive off fellow spectrums. Colour surrounds a lifeless stone. She begins to cry as she sees him. Finally she gets to him.

She kneels down beside him. As she places the flowers she touches him. His hands cold and still. Her tears roll as she watches him. His vessel is hollow, yet his spirit is full. He knows she got to him.

Oh the angels cry and heaven knows how she got to him. The clouds part and the sun beams down where she got to him. His body warms and colour builds, as she's holding him. His heartbeat echoes out once again.

She walks through the village that fell to her feet, she skips through calmness as he carries the flowers she gave to him. He thanks god that she got to him.

© 2012 Nathan1289

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Added on October 21, 2012
Last Updated on October 21, 2012
Tags: Love, fantasy, adventure, family, story, take, epic, apocalypse, teen, mother, son, death, heaven, light, dark, magic, colour, popular, views, new, old, short, long, famous, legend, fire



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