Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

A Story by Nathan1289

A long over due vacation turns into a nightmare from hell.

Chapter One: The Vacation Ideology

It was 6am, Charlie and Alex climbed into the car. Everything was ready for their romantic weekend trip. They set off on the long drive to the cabin Alex had booked. It was hot and humid, the type of heat that drains you of energy and hydration. Never the less, the pair had big plans for this trip, so they continued their trek across the back roads of the country. 

Alex was a relentless driver, he never seemed to tire. Always willing, he would gratefully decline Charlie's offers to drive. Charlie lay across the passenger seat, with her bare feet resting on the fully wined-downed window. The breeze was a cooling aid that helped the heat seem ever slightly more bearable. 

Gazing a the star filled sky, Charlie bathed in a feeling of calmness. She found it hard to leave her work at home, yet this time felt different; serene. Closing her eyes, and sinking slightly further into her seat, she leant her head towards Alex. "I think this break is long over due sweetie. I mean, you know your in need of a holiday, when a drive across the highway seems like heaven". Aware of the stress Charlie is under on a daily basis, Alex looked at her with a sense of relief that she was relaxing. He took hold of her hand, and addressed her with an equally tranquil tone. "We're gunna chill, we're gunna party and we're gunna see some awesome sites.......oh and plenty of sex please!". Charlie giggled, squeezing hold of her boyfriends hand slightly tighter. "Yeah we're gunna have a lot of.......fun". 

Charlie moved her hand on top of Alex's, and slowly began to push it down her inner thigh. Raising his eyebrows with excitement, Alex became giddy like a little kid with his favourite toy. "Yeaaaaaahya! Destination: Sexville!" Just as their hands slid further down, Charlie lifted Alex's hand and placed it on the steering wheel. "Well when we arrive in "Sexville" you can check in,". Slightly despondent, Alex gripped the wheel tighter. "Such a tease".......Charlie sat up and began to play around with the radio dials, "don't get radio envy, I'll twist your knob later". Alex processed that information beyond the joke intended, "that sounds super painful, yet awesome...erm, I mean, I'm in". Charlie continued to play around with the radio, which didn't seem to be working."I am not twisting you penis...what is it, BopIt?". 

The pair continued to laugh at each others silliness. Alex noticed Charlie's frustration with the radio, "Ok, ok, no genital twisting. Why don't you plug your phone into the audio jack, that radio sucks". Not one to be defeated easily, Charlie gave the radio a bang...suddenly it erupted into life. 

They both looked at each other with a rye smile. "My dad always says, when in doubt, hit it!". Charlie proceeded to skip through the different radio channels. "Thats certainly what he did with his secretary", as soon as Alex finished, he realised he had overstepped the mark. Before Charlie could even process the remark, he apologised. "Im sorry honey, I don't know where that came from!". Charlie shrugged it off, "It's fine, your right, he is a*s." Alex opened his arm out and Charlie snuggled in close. Charlie stared straight into the distant roads that peeled into the range. Just as Alex sealed his apology with a kiss on Charlie's head, she screamed! "What the f**k is that?!". As Alex looked back up, something in the distance came flying into the window screen. A smash of glass echoed out, fading into silence and a blanket of darkness...

© 2012 Nathan1289

Author's Note

First draft of chapter one. I have plenty of cool ideas for this story, tell me what you think of the start....

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Added on December 23, 2012
Last Updated on December 23, 2012
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