Sam, I am.

Sam, I am.

A Poem by Nathan1289

Will you enter into a game of risk? Win or Lose, the choice isn't always ours.


If I had a secret that I wanted to share with you

Would you dare open your mind and let my creativity ensue?


I don’t build bridges with bricks; however I do hang them with rope

I can generate your fantasies and incubate your hope


Open the pages of my mind and read the fiery words of my heart

By taking this step Pandora’s Box will truly open and the journey will epically start


Follow me down south, through the mirror of liquid glass

You’ll feel the calmness take over and watch as the fear will pass


What a wonderful feeling, you’ve let your inhibitions go into the night

So step forward onto the phoenix, as you begin to drift into the light


This journey isn’t everlasting; you do know that it comes with a price?

What? Did you think it was free? Well wouldn’t that have been nice


Open your eyes from delusion, and my friend you will piece things together

My name is Sam, Satan or The devil, that’s what I’ve been known to you as, for what seems like forever


Ok, so I tricked you, with my words and devilish charm

What were you expecting? I’m frigging Satan dude, my job is to do sadistic harm


You look at me with those puppy dog eyes; it’s the realisation you've lost all of your family ties

My head tells me to give you a second chance, a bet, double or quits is where my desire lies



Do you accept my new twist, and roll the dice on my board game that is your life?

I’ll take that hesitant  nod of yours as a yes, and commence this intriguing game of strife


Give me the name of a family member and they can take your place

However I will warn you, if you can’t or won’t then I shall win this twisted race


No! You scream, and that’s your final answer, which I’m afraid I’ll have to take

Now I own not only your soul, but souls of all your family, from the moment they next shall wake


He took my hand and promised peace for my sisters and brothers

Now I’ve gambled with the devil and he owns me and my beloved others


The deal is now done and a fiery rain begins to fall

Burning me down to ash, disintegrating my world and all








© 2012 Nathan1289

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Give me the name of a family member and they can take your place
However I will warn you, if you can’t or won’t then I shall win this twisted race

I like and enjoyed these lines, this is a powerful write here,
Loved the flow and rhyme scheme once again. Awesome write

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 27, 2012
Last Updated on February 27, 2012
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