Nowhere Left to Run

Nowhere Left to Run

A Poem by Marcello1013

Living the life of an escapist. Reality has finally caught up. There is no where left to run.


Nowhere Left to Run
Fear the Poet

As I awaken from this slumber
Things no longer as they seem
Reality had escaped me
I was living in a dream

I felt so very high
Each day was chasing more
Living a life that's blind
Couldn't see what was in store

The hole I dug was deep
Piercing the earth's core
What you sow you reap
When reality's ignored

I thought I hit rock bottom
About 2 years ago
But I wasn't done just yet
Busy fighting my ego

"It'll never happen to me"
"My will is to strong"
"I'll overcome this challenge"
Could not have been more wrong

Shake it off and grab a beer
Pack another bong
Get lost in some music
I'll put on my favorite song

The worry is now lifted
Feeling stronger than king kong
But it won't last long
The buzz will soon be gone

There's no where left to run
I can no longer hide
My backs against the wall
Gonna wind up doing time

If I could of just let go
Of my fears and pride
I could of spared my children
Some of those tears they cried

Is this finally rock bottom?
It must be I can tell
Cause when I look up above
I can see the gates of hell

© 2018 Marcello1013

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I could really relate to this poem and your struggle between picking yourself up and falling down.

"It'll never happen to me"
"My will is to strong"
"I'll overcome this challenge"
Could not have been more wrong

This part really hit me personally. Great job!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Excellent poem. I feel like we can always go deeper. There is no bottom. I really think you packed a lot of feeling into this poem, and I liked the flow and imagery. Don't give up, there is always a way to climb out of your hell. If you just keep trying, the opportunity will arise. Stay strong!

Posted 1 Year Ago

that's really very good, some of it I can really relate to

Posted 1 Year Ago

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