mind blown

mind blown

A Poem by N_dot_AIMLESS

mind blown, she came through and reeked havoc like a cyclone
Five in the morn, time warped, this is my poem
I wrote it in my head one drive home, 
You're a tired soul, what now though have your eyes shown
 Where in me did you find glow, between dull
My spine grows like eye sores on rivals, I'm guess I'm home
I wana unlock you like a pass code on my iPhone, little cyclone
I asked if I was dreaming, because though seeing is believing
My mind is often deceived, while writing definitions for being
But for one evening, one brief moment, it's fleeting
Like the pain from a bee sting, I see things
So strange how it's weaving,  like tree leaves
A spiral of scenery revealed to me in a breeze, at ease
Was it the alcohol consumption corrupting the function
Or just production of a previously conceived deduction
mind blown, this cyclone got me wondering
Was that the surface emerging or is there something under it
I'm asunder from lovers come to pillage and plunder my village
The cost of the spillage makes me wonder if anyone profited
I'm a pro, prolific with proverbs so wicked, I've observed words so vivid
They told a story first without entering a sentence, no mimic
Home grown cynic, flow with it, no damn could impede the mission
No stamp or seal of approval needed, I see the future, It's bleeding
Call me sky net, help me terminate any trace of human this evening
We all just consuming and breeding, bruising and retreating
I'm used to feeling useless now I use it to find meaning
Call me the king of conundrum, chewing up these suckers like dum dum's
Half man half wizard, like mud bloods, unsung song got you undone, wrong
Just unwound, found the fun runs like tears from dissecting on-ions
The fear that your' projecting at loved ones, comes from the same place
The stars and the sun from son, So run forest run, until your' reaching a meadow
Or stream, a desert, a mountainous valley or something in-between
And when you return form your journey, I'll pick you up like a gurney
In the hopes that your fire is hot enough that it burns me
I'm a masochist, pain navigated on map quest, that fresh, trip planned
Yoga mat and a back pack, never look back until I hit sand
I'm one-fifth man, four-fifths fortunate forklift foremen, 
Operator of the program of omens for foreplay
From Pueblo to Foco, from Ward to Ordway
I come healthy in your face, super soaker full sorbet
This is not a poem, just a dedication to cyclones
twisters and hurricanes, blizzards in different time zones
I've dropped flows in different area codes, they spawned a harem of hoes
Tearing their clothes off, I teach new tricks to old dogs
Old tricks to new breeds, me and you are like two seeds
We can grow separately, but until the axe comes, you will always stand next to me

© 2015 N_dot_AIMLESS

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Added on February 28, 2015
Last Updated on March 1, 2015



Suburbia, CO

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