World War 3

World War 3

A Poem by N_dot_AIMLESS

World War 3 is just a perspective
When your countries under fire, every day you expect it
To wake up and see, World War 3, 
In 3D, not only on the TV screen, check it

Terminator met star wars, attack of the Drones
A faction of factory clones controlled by remote control
Following orders, the landscape is swallowing mortars
We all in with torture, calling all soldiers of fortune
We offer a miserable portion, of the profit collected 
From this literal extortion, lost in the message
Call me Dallas Korben, I've got the directive
The fifth element, Is a thought that's connected
An object, a relic of caustic intelligence
Not something that can be bought to add relevance
We're taught that a precipice exists at the end of the line
But defined on a graph that's the spike of a climb
No ending, just a fragment of time, no envy
Flows heavy, but the savages cry, more levy's
More taxes, the economy is elastic, you could burn it with match sticks
Fact is, it's run by facists and half wits

World War 3 is just a perspective
When your countries under fire, every day you expect it
To wake up and see, World War 3, 
In 3D, not only on the TV screen, check it

If you made a line graph of all that stress
It would look like a lie on a polygraph test
If you made a line graph of all that death
It would like a tattoo on a mall rats neck

In the belly of the beast, the middle east, corporate vultures
preparing a feast, declaring a cease to exist order
an overseas contingency plan,beyond borders
Prey on the poor, gun in yo face lay on the floor
Don't speak my language, spraying your brains on the porch
Family felt anguish, machine gun spray, no retort
Never abort mission, from the fight against communism,
To terrorism, al queda and isis, the same vision
Contingent, a stringent figment of a monetary religion
A symptom of large scale hypnotism has risen
We downplay it, and misrepresent the extent of the damage
The intent, and the profit thats managed
by corporate ghosts who just vanish
Whenever there's cameras,
they got black water security guards with hand cannons
It's all an illusion, like a sickness making the people ill till they're loosing
Like a bald spot with three hairs, but still you just groom it, 
Like what do you mean receding hair line, prove it
And we've all been duped, in a stupor sitting on our stoops
While sacrificial troops navigate a land full of land mines
for the benefit of people in suits, got that tactical gear tan line
Rational fear set aside, for pride, patriotism, and a grad school free ride
Gangasta do remote control fly by's, it's like a video game
So your own eyes don't have to a see a guy die, now it's justified, I
despise this debasement of human life, it's high time, we do it right
Facing the truth of life, you may be innocent but everything you buy
supports the economic system that funds the fire fight

It's world war 3, I'll take your oil, your water, your girl, please
I'm feeling like the Lorax, trying to save your' tree's
But the dudes making the sneed, got an imperial fleet
And the home team brought a suicide bomber
To a nuclear test sight, good fight, better luck next life
This war been over since the first check signed, 
From tibet to tehran, ukraine to lebanon
These cheesy little rats gonna keep fighting till the cheddars gone
Talkin overkill, like a dab rig in a ten foot bong
While you mowing ya lawn, their lawn getting blown up by bombs
No coat of arms, we here for the coca farms, the poppy fields
The oil wells, we brought the steal, bring yo woman up front
So we can cop a feel, yo f**k the bankers and the cops of real
And anyone who thinks the circles in the crops aint real
Man made, s**t, we can't even apply a bandaid, gotta incite another rampage
So until we amscray, it's ammityville every damn day, for people across the globe
And we the ones with the cannons aimed, 

It's world war 3, not by title on your TV
but a label is only a fable, so don't ever trust the cable
The newspaper or anyone on the payroll
Of bankers, weapon makers, man just say no

© 2015 N_dot_AIMLESS

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Added on March 4, 2015
Last Updated on March 4, 2015



Suburbia, CO

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