A Poem by N_dot_AIMLESS

Instructed, as in some  one told you to do it, so you said f**k it
Not of your' own volition, without them you would say nothing
No thing, nada damn thang, just like a slow jam, bunch played out words
No meaning, I'm a room with four walls, no ceiling
You inside the cube, claiming that out of the box thinking
You wana talk about struggle, how about, blood sweat and hustle
Soreness in the muscle from lugging around a bundle of love
No sleep, no drugs, handling every bit of stress with a shrug
Because, that whats you do, unconditional love, that is the truth
You think I'm lacking, but you wouldn't know love if it was smacking you in the face
But I know nothing, nothing is exactly how I say it is, 
I will love you until the day you live, and the day you die there after
I just won't subject myself to that there, no more fan fare
Cheering each other on as we slip down a black whole
It's like a train that keeps on coming and coming until the tracks show
Love is not, helping each other rot, the now is our present,
You just got selfishness in a box, selfless you are not
Helpless you are not, smell what's in the pot, steaming
Seeing is believing, doing is being, and acting is deceiving
Dreaming is panhandling, so quit the damn rambling
Every thing happens for the camera to catch it candidly
Instruct yourself, sober up, notice that's your own hand f*****g yourself
Acting like it was some one else, dutch rudder, the intention is the same
No more games to be stuck under, I was just a crushed lover, heart broken
Until I realized I was choking from a self inflicted notion
That someone els was controlling, ME
These are MY thoughts, MY choices, MY path, MY voices
MY intention, I own it, MY magical bean stalk, real talk I've grown it
From a seed, buried in weeds, I've been tearing at seams,and it seems
I've navigated past all of the scariest screams, 
Your' turn, time to pass the torch, your' burn
Your' burden, your' jail, your' warden, no warning
The mind has no borders, just a remembrance of the existence
Of a border from a previous instance, distorted by the mind in an instant
Perception is a weapon of inception, our minds are the battle ground
Put your' name on the sign in sheet to check in
It's a recollection, as in connecting again what was already collected
Check it my friend, do you feel the distance in this instance
Silently I took a vow of health, I was sick of the sickness
So me and anyone who lives it, are splitting like twix's

© 2015 N_dot_AIMLESS

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Added on March 5, 2015
Last Updated on March 5, 2015



Suburbia, CO

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