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Poems/Raps from Facebook

A Poem by N_dot_AIMLESS

collection over the last month or so

Only a genius coulda seen it
Not of the same species or genus
Smash that phone, send the message thru your fingertips
Because every word you've ever spoken is meaningless
Every word I've seemingly written makes me feel it less
ET, evervescent tarantula versus the Mantis
Keep preying, keep praying
E becomes A, keep slaying, keep swaying
L got caught in double loop of betray
I stay cryptic, like crypt-keepers creeping with slick fingers
I stick keyboards like an incarcerated shanking
Sick before, it was a fashion statement
Now I'm healthy and slightly agitated
It hath amalgamated into an algorythym
So algebraically intrinsic, x = man bear pig
It's an Al Gore Rythym 
All gears missing, no cogs
Just floggings from demigods 
I'm a fraud, a thought that Freud bought flawed
With the intention of getting raw
You ought not see what you thought you saw
Welcome to the opera, over-annunciated debates
I'm over none so I see no debates
I see no place, purpose, just the face of serpents
I've been searchin, but my engine is powered by urchins
Lurking is no longer a burden, it's an earning
Clock in clock out, stop moving, the earth still turning
  •  and I done blessed with the best, this is no contest

  • no contest for blessing, no monarch or competition, just cats getting onnry on writtens

  •  I love that cheshire, his love is like a mountain, it don't expire, instead it inspires fires, incites a quire to acquire the right state of vibrational attire

  • straight from the lions lair, dont need to speak just glare, get glimpse of that good good and B AWARE

  • Always be aware, were wolves fighting vampires, so understandably there is a reason to be scared, but with a smile like that you could turn get a grizzly bear to bounce up and down to some trap, like snare

  • That's why cat's don't fight fair, we got nine lives, mind right, hitting the system with sine waves

  • Mary pill poppins, a spoon full of coffins
    What you copping got a doctor with a profitable option
    Optin for concoctions so flossing because I toss em back so often
    lost in an endless auction watching the image soften
    This poison is evil, and that poison is awesome
    That's the law son, leaking out the crime boss' jaw bone
    Forget about the dope, Dr. Hope gone get us all stoned
    Catch you at the mall homes, leave the scene auburn
    All Capone, raw words, shopping with lost herds
    Six bags deep, six mad sheep, twist that tweet bone get that jeep
    Climb that mountain, it's mad steep
    One way down, some play drowned
    So the coast guard leaves em to play with the sharks for now
    Grasp that thought, mash that lot, 
    till the last bad crop turns your house into a hazmat stop
    How's that spot at the top, pretty lonely?
    Plus you facing the ever insistent drop, you a phonie
    Lone island like coney, jonesin for the pony
    Homie your' words are corny, no basis
    And anyone who believes that s**t probably got something they gaining from saving face
    Face it, I know the game, I played it
    Chess between brothers, I know the egg, I laid it
    I know the demon, I slayed it
    I know the situation you wasting in , I surveyed it
    I was blatant, basing beliefs off a situation I created
    And believing things that other people stated
    Situated in hatred and making paper
    Just to pay to be on the A-List
    But then I had an epiphany about the game:
    Game over, never gonna be a slain soldier
    Pray for ya, hey, maybe one day you can pay it forward
    Pass something down to the next group
    Besides death soup in a test tube made in Mexico
    I'm getting pretty technical for the sake of your discretion
    But the weapons you projecting really aint professional
    They also aint pressing though
    So I'll invest my soul in blessed growth
    Don't sweat the folks who traded checks for hope
    Who traded necks for nooses, tunnel vision, homie deuces
    I'll be hitting trees like skiers tagging spruces as they're cruising
    You be schmoozing and oozing, thinking you winning, you losing
    Losing friends, time, and anything left in you that is human
    I hope that it don't confuse you like too many shrooms do
    And doom you, too much too soon, dude
    Assume that what is looming will truly consume you
    Cuz that was only one verse, unrehearsed and ruthless
    Ending the curse when I disperse verse two b***h

    Seems like these ladies got that nebbish fetish
    Nothin in the head, but a pocket full lettuce
    Sex is like a game of tetris, no pun, fit the pieces where they go son
    Love is like a game of rhetoric, accept it
    You are arguing your case, you want a chance at life, then grow one
    You want to pop everybody's bubble, but blow none
    But don't listen to me, I'm no one, no omen, not knowing
    No quotient, all commotion, average joe, no rogan
    All anguish no languid, a vagrant using language
    I drop ink like a dang squid, you wana shoot that gun off for fun
    But forgot where to aim it, I am a mirror of your fear
    The same s**t, different port-0 potty

© 2015 N_dot_AIMLESS

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Added on March 21, 2015
Last Updated on March 21, 2015



Suburbia, CO

Nameless not Aimless Used to be an apparition Now It's time for some changes Out with old, cold In with the new, truth more..