Night Turns Day

Night Turns Day

A Poem by N_dot_AIMLESS

It's really just some healing, I'm seeing it when I'm dreaming
Blessing the food that I'm eating and giving it meaning
The troops are retreating, The message fresh that we've been receiving
It was implanted in my head and I'm starting to believe it
So am I finding that grinding is better than whining and crying
There is a light brightly shining this is no longer asylum
My mind is prime and ready for it's pursuit
Blessing every second what a filling institute
I guess my savior is my mental state, Dispersing thoughts I meditate
I elevate my beings state because its not too late
I'm no mahstah and I'm smoking holy ganja like a rastah
And we aint talking to no coppahs
My mind was forged in teotihuacan 
With DNA from an extra terrestrial medical vessel
And a half a drop of phoenix blood
I'm counting years upon my TI-85
Until the league of greedy guys will stop comparing penis size
So we can be free and phone home like E.T's
The task is this
We getting free, each of us individually and then collectively
Gaining freedom for the rest of humanity
I'm not fronting, I confront you with facts
I'm done with the cats, done with the monkey on my back
Done with the smack, I'm smoking on a love and a laugh
I'm rollin up rose pedals and sniffin on flowers in gold meadows
I'm for a better quality of life for everybody
No more need for soweto's , no more strings or Jupedo's 
I got the the pedal to the metal, it's settled
This is not an allegory, bet you think my raps are corny
I don't give a fuuuuuuuck, you can suck my nads for surely

© 2015 N_dot_AIMLESS

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Added on July 5, 2015
Last Updated on July 5, 2015



Suburbia, CO

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