I use to believe

I use to believe

A Poem by NebraskaHope

Poem says it all !

I use to believe in mermaids, 
the fact that there was no evidence but yet they were portrayed so beautiful 
just like unicorns, the horns, the pure white in their coats,
Seems some things we were meant to dream about ... 
like love.. like two people entwined like vines stuck on sheds
im convinced dinosaurs are history and cupid arrows became fossils,
love is like the man who walked on the moon, can you actually prove it?
there is limits to the sky and people merging into one is mice turning into men
I use to believe in fairy tales until I discovered real evidence,
that this life gives you something to dream about that's not in reality,
we all need a smile before bed time, but who wrote these scripts 
these fantasies that can never be fulfilled, How cruel and reckoning
there's aliens in this world because love isn't the only thing that's weird,
not the only thing made up and publicized to the public,
Spaceships and air crafts, the government units
 magic actually exist and love does too
people sell us stories that there's 6 other planets that we cant never explore
mammoths were huge and love, laugh out loud its real
super man has a cape and he can save you,
there's a genie waiting to grant your wish
throw your coins down the well and think
give him your heart and watch it blossom,
Santa clause really can fit through a chimney
After all the things I use to believe in before life revealed the truth
I really wished love wasn't on list


© 2013 NebraskaHope

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wow, love this!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 19, 2013
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as A ninety"s child I was always odd. I drew, wrote & sewed with my left hand. U thought that was some kind of magical power that activated my talents. more..

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