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Adam bite the apple in the age days,

I walk into the store and purchased the apple in the common days,

Funny hows nothing's new under the sun,

But what's over the sun is discovery, yet to be wrote by man,

Wait, they talk about the solar system,

That they say 7 planets exist today and six tomorrow

Scientist, they found stars, and galatians but what about heaven's door?

They say when we get planted, we will blossom up to the gate

And behold our fate,

I know a lot of mankind just being kind because it was taught to be good,

Or you'll face the flames,

I know a lot of mankind just being unkind because they believe this is heaven or hell and they ain't rolling no dice,

I know a lot of people on their knees praying but as soon as their feet touch back to the concrete they complain,

A Lot of people want a bigger house with rooms that extend, will walk right past a homeless person and still pray about the electricity being off,

If heaven is our permanent home, why are we worried about inviting people into our temporary home?

We paying all this money to go to school and ain't learning nothing,

The library right around corner with the same knowledge we in debt for

That's when we get to praying, oh, praise em, praise the lord,

Im convinced, lead on facts that people pray to a god in opposition,

But soon as they're in good condition, poof like he never existed,

Sunday they say if you pay in tenths it'll all come back ,

Pastor in black, lamborghini he was just convicted of raping a child in they teenies

And i love god, but since I switch, I ain't getting into heaven with all of that,

And the bible told my mama, who i am aint right

And if she wanna see christ she needs to expunge me from her life,

There's only one way to create life,

We, us abominations get it,

But the world is so caught up on mass production,

So Why do  we have phrases existing like quality over quantity

If all you tryna do is replace me with the son you never had

People having kids just to keep souls tide and this kid becomes victim

People having kids so unaware you gotta love them,

Judging them on something that was written before them,

I just don't get it, you open your legs and you can not afford them,

You should have just aborted them cause now we have cases like suicide,

How they are lonely inside and you knew you could not do nothing for them,

But quantity over quality right?

But back to this bible alright ?

Old testament, new testament

I'm waiting for this day testament

They say god's coming back and i hope he’s addressing it,

Cause I got a few words I wanna say,

Love shouldn't divide you from who I choose to love,

I say choose not a choice

Like you choose to not love me,

But according to god, made a choice

But if it was coming from your voice,

You didn't raise me like this,

I guess i'll be a prototype of you,

Because being me, you don't love me,

Adam bite the apple,

And I went to the apple store,

I'm writing in this notepad,

And before I end, I wanna say one  more thing ,

Adam gained all this knowledge after eating that apple,

So as you pick up my apple phone,

I hope you gain some too,


© 2017 NebraskaHope

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Wow this is amazing, there are a lot of things the bible does not approve of such as tattoos (I have about 14, give or take a few), divorce, wearing gold and a bunch more stuff that we as people do today.. great piece with a lot of truth in it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

Thank you so much kesha for reading !

3 Years Ago

You're very welcome!

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Added on July 18, 2017
Last Updated on July 18, 2017
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as A ninety"s child I was always odd. I drew, wrote & sewed with my left hand. U thought that was some kind of magical power that activated my talents. more..

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