A Chapter by J.R. Bergwick

A background on Ivan and how he came to meet Daimian.


While I’m passed out, I remember my past. I used to be a regular kid with regular problems: catching the latest movies, doing homework, and getting girls. Then, my best friend Taylor and I saw the Underworld movies. From that we became infatuated with vampirism and lycanthropy.  We spent most of everyday for a greater part of the school year researching and trying to find a way to contract one of the two diseases. After a while we gave up and lost interest in the whole thing and focused more on school.  When summer break came around, we spent a lot of time talking, mainly about girls and music. One day Taylor brings up some private research he's been doing and says he's discovered the location of a possible lycan hiding in Deception Pass National Park.

It is early afternoon. Taylor and I are hiking through the park to the location he claims the "lycan" is, although I am skeptical about it.

  "So the bet is that if I'm right and there is no werewolf you gotta wear a skirt to the first day of school," I tease him.

  "Okay, but if I win, we both become lycan with no questions asked." Taylor agreed, stressing the lycan part, "I still don't get why you call them werewolves. It's so unprofessional."

"Unprofessional? Since when are we expert lycan trackers?" I sneer. "Why does it matter what I call them anyways? Lycan, werewolf - same freaking creature, man. Anyways, how much further until we find this so-called lycan? My feet are killing me."

"Boo-hoo. It's about a quarter of a mile from here." Taylor says, ignoring my complaint.

We arrive at the location at last. It's an open circle of forest surrounded by towering trees of various types. In the middle of the clearing, there's a run down shed. The shed is ten to fifteen long and wide, the two windows are broken on either side, and the roof is missing shingles with a hole in a corner.

We approach the shed as stealthily as possible in case there was somebody inside. Peering in through a broken window we find it’s empty. The bare cement floor is covered with a blanket of dried up pine needles, along with a few cans and bags thrown about the room with a few chairs set up. It’s nothing too unusual; some kids probably found this place and made it their hangout.

I look back at Taylor. "So what size skirt do you wear?" I tease as I shove him playfully.

"How the hell should I know? Besides, we just got here. Let's wait a little while. He could be out looking for food." Taylor suggests

"Like us? I think you just don't want to wear that skirt. Don't worry. I'll let you wear pants under it. I'm not completely heartless," I say clutching my chest in a fake heart attack from my lacking organ, "Well if we're gonna just wait here, we might as well check the area out."

We get up and start to look around, and that's when things get weird.

"Holy sh...! Ivan come look at this!' Taylor whispers frantically and points to a bush.

"What cha' find?" I say jogging over to the spot he was pointing to. "It's not another dead animal, is it? I told you: I don't like dead things. Why you collect animal skulls, I'll never understand. It's just not normal. I don't see why your folks allow you to continue your creepy habits."

"They think it'll keep me out of trouble. Apparently, they see nothing wrong with stealing animal heads. Now, shut up and look."

When I look behind the bush, I'm flabbergasted by what I find. A person is curled up into a ball, but it’s not a normal person. He has a snout-like face with a maw filled with flesh rending fangs. To add to that, he had five elongated fingers on each hand with a dagger of a claw protruding from where the nail would be. He was naked, but covered in hair - fur or whatever you'd like to call it - and he smelled none too pleasant.

Taylor immediately finds a stick and pokes the creature once in the back.

The creature, which I'm assuming is a lycan, makes a snarling sound and rolls over, still fast asleep.

"Are you insane!" I whisper angrily.

"What?" Taylor asks simply.

"’What?’ You know that saying about not poking a sleeping bear? Well, I'm pretty damn sure that applies to lycans as well." I say in a hushed tone, scared out of my mind.

"So, what? We wait here until it wakes up hungry?" Taylor asks

"Hungry, grumpy. I don't think it really matters, dude. He's still gonna be P.O.ed. What are you even gonna say? 'Oh sorry to wake you Mr. Lycan, but we were wondering if you would bite us and turn us into werewolves?'" I rant in a mocking voice

"Okay, you have a point. Ummm... Oh you got a piece of paper?" Taylor asks.

"What for?" I ask eyeing him suspiciously.

"Write him a note saying we'll be back tomorrow and we'd like to talk to him." Taylor elaborates

"That plan is a bit better," I say fumbling around in my backpack.

"Here you are, Mr.Taylor. One piece of sketch paper and a pencil." I say in my best Igor voice.

"Thank you, slave. Now kiss my big toe." he replies in his most kingly voice.

We quickly scribbled out a note and attached it to a ham sandwich then place it in front of the lycan's grotesque face and jog off quickly.

© 2013 J.R. Bergwick

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O.K. so I couldn't help myself - sue me! I like this chapter much more, your sattirical side is shown in full blast, and I found myself smiling, even though they are in a life or death situation really. The one big point I'd like to make here though is that would they really find the Lycan that easily?? Maybe a bit more of search with a few more frights! also, can I ask - are we the readers to assume that "Underworld" the movies in your scenario to be based in reality or are they just a spring board?

Posted 10 Years Ago

J.R. Bergwick

10 Years Ago

The "Underworld" movies are more to kind of give the reader a sense of what the situation is like be.. read more
Thomas Fitzgerald

10 Years Ago

your welcome

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J.R. Bergwick
J.R. Bergwick

Isanti, MN

I'm an 18 year old writer. I've been writing stories most of my life, mostly short stories. I've complete led on novel and am currently working on it's sequel and a separate novel. I enjoy writing bec.. more..

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A Chapter by J.R. Bergwick

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A Chapter by J.R. Bergwick

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A Chapter by J.R. Bergwick