Temper Temper

Temper Temper

A Chapter by Emotiionsz

Empress Lin...has had a "miscarriage"?



            The palace had awakened. Bells ringing, birds singing and the cooks, in the hot clammy kitchen, beating there knifes to chopping boards and wooden spoons to the pots the palace was to prepare for the Empress’s early departure. She was to travel to Imperial City to see her stepson the crown prince who was ordered, to represent the emperor at annual festival. As the maids quickly shuffle to the steaming bathhouse from their maid quarters before slipping into their tight white cotton undergarments, the eunuchs who served the emperor summoned carriages; fit horses and selected Imperial soldiers to take the empress to her destination.

The maids who tended to the empress pulled on their light pink chest-to-toes A-line skirts to their bosoms then smoothly tied a thick red silk sash around their middle before throwing on their gold robes, sweeping their long dark hair into two tight coiled jeweled buns on each side of their head then hustled off to the empress’s chambers. The maids who tended to the emperor and crown prince only wore dark purple chest skirts and thick blue robes over to distinguish themselves from the empress’s attendants and the slaves who worked behind the scenes of the great palace.

The long wide halls of the palace were lavished with golden or red silk and lace curtains and ever room was lit with hanging or floor lanterns. The gardens were fruitful of pink, red, white and golden flowers as were the trees and bushes bearing fresh fruits.

            Biyu who was the empress’s most trusted and personal attendant picked the freshest blossomed white flowers from the Imperial garden. The garden is located behind the palace and only the attendants of the Imperial family have access.

      After picking two dozen flowers she gently placed them into her little basket that hung of her arm. She pulled the hem of her skirt above her ankles and hurried off to the empress’s chambers. She was already late so she decided to use the secret passageways used by the slaves so they are not seen by visitors.

      One of the passageways were located in the horse stable which was right outside of the garden. She made her way there quickly and entered with the whiff of horse feces slapping her across the face. The passageway was located in the forth stall on the left. Luckily there was no horses in the first 40 stalls. She quickly ran into the stall avoiding the feces on the ground. She unlatched the small door and crawled into the dark small space


      She was greeted by her fellow attendants who were knelt outside of the empress’s doors in the great long hall; once she arrived flushed from her journey through the palace walls. She turned to her friend Jia when she noticed none of the girls had gone inside.

            “Jia, why hasn’t any of you gone in to greet the empress?” Biyu looked trouble as she watched the strain express on her close friend’s face, who always tended to the empress.

            Jia shook her head. “She is filled with rage. She has received horrible news from the imperial doctor this morning,” Biyu gaze burned into Jia’s itching for more information on the empress’s distress. Jia cleared her throat then looked at the remaining ten knelt servants who seemed to be silently and tearlessly sobbing. “She has lost the emperor’s child and fears he will be enraged with her difficulties to bare his child.”

            Biyu caught her breath within her chest then dropped to her knees quickly with her head bowed as the empress’s door slid open with loud smacking sound.

            Red faced but still graceful and young, Empress Lin stood before her kneeling servants in a gold sleeveless top worn over a black dragon embroidered long sleeved silk robe which was closed at the front by a thick gold belt then finished off with a long red and gold skirt. Her oval face was framed by her long thick hair and her watery eyes were scorched red.

            “We kneel before you Your Highness.” The servants sung in a fused tone of delight.

            The empress snorted. “You may rise if you like.” She turned on her heels with no further inquiry. “Come into my room.” She fluidal dragged her feet to her phoenix engraved gold chair that sat empty in front of a large round gold framed mirror that also sat erected on a long wooden table that was draped over with a red silk cloth. Slamming her self into the chair she ran her jeweled fingers through her hair then devilishly smiled to herself in the mirror. “Jia, do you think gossip is punishable in the palace?”

            Jia looked lighten struck, her throat closed as her lips parted. “I do not know what Your Highness is asking of me?”

            The empress slowly turned around smirking. “Do you know the punishment for slandering Your Majesty?”

            Jia quickly shook her head with her eyes quickly welling up with water. “No Your Highness I do not know.”

            The empress rose swiftly and with two quick strides she stood in front of Jia smiling cunningly then harshly whispered. “It is punishable by death.” And without further ado she struck Jia across the face forcing her to her knees as the other servants gasped with shock and bowed. “Next time you want to speak about me, do it outside of my palace.”

            Trembling and teary eyed Jia lied on the carpeted floor holding the side of her face. “Your Highness may I beg for your forgiveness?” Her voice trembling as she moved to kneel before the empress bowing.

            Empress Lin scoffed. “I must leave for Imperial City soon, fix my hair-not you Jia, remaining kneeling.” She swept into her seat with grace as Biyu rushed over to her side. Carefully brushing the empress’s hair and twisting her locks into a fat plait she slowly and precisely placed her jeweled phoenix crown and other gold ornaments then topping it off with the white flowers she had plucked that morning.

            A soft tap was heard from the door and Empress Lin snapped head around. “Come in.” Turning away she slipped on her teardrop diamond earrings as four eunuchs came to kneel behind her.

            “Your Highness, your Emperor requests you to his chambers.” One of the four eunuchs in green robes spoke with a deep soft voice. His hands tucked in front of him in his sleeves as he raised his head slightly to catch a glimpse of the beauty the empress possessed.

            Nodding her head Empress Lin patted her forehead with a pink silk handkerchief she chose from a pile of neatly folded silk cloths. “You may go; I shall make way to him soon.”

            The eunuch who spoke flinched. “Your Highness I beg for your forgiveness but the Emperor requested that we deliver you to him.” He dropped his head when she flung herself around.

            She slipped of the chair and to her feet. “Let us go then.” She tightened her grip on her silk skirt then turned to Biyu. “Rest of you stay, Biyu?”

            Biyu bowed then swept after the empress’s tail out her room shutting the door behind her as they followed the eunuchs down the long great hall up the wooden stairs decorated with hanging red dragon lanterns and down the golden draped hallway lined with floor lanterns. They stopped at a set of twin dragon engraved gold doors at the end of the hall and knocked. The doors swung open and the eunuchs bowed allowing the empress to enter with Biyu trailing behind her. The servants who resided inside the chambers bowed at her presences as she approached the emperor who was seated his giant throne chair. Biyu’s knees buckled as she caught sight of the emperor. He was old but had not aged; he had youth in his blood and his body was built to show his mightiness.

            Empress Lin knelt before the emperor. “Your wife kneels before you.”

            He nodded with his eye burning black. His face hadn’t aged much but as he only had creases around his eyes when he smiled or laughed. Emperor Qiang had been ruling the kingdom for twenty years and was married to Empress Lin for ten of those years as his concubines failed to produce him an heir. “You may rise.”

            Swiftly and elegantly she rose to her feet and beamed at her handsome husband. “My Emperor what is it you request of your wife?”

            His hair jewels jingling as he shifted in his chair in his white robe and black apron that was belted with jade. His wide sleeves dangled to his sides as he slowly rose from his seat. “My wife…my queen…my love…all I request of you is an heir to the throne.”

            She nodded. “My Emperor I have been carrying your heir for the past three months. It takes time for life to fully blossom.”

            He grunted. “Is that so?”

            She nodded even though her face was grave and her voice broke. “Yes, that is so you’re Majesty.”

            He took two quick strides to face his wife and took her small hands into his large warm palms. “Do not lie to me! I know you’ve had a miscarriage!”

            Her knees gave in beneath her as her face crumbled. “No! No! I do not know what happened! Please forgive me! Have patience!”

            “Patience…? I have been patience enough and nothing at all!” He scoffed as she threw her hands away as if it was venomous sap and walked away.

            “You have son! What more do you want! Jin is not enough for you?” She barked back as she rose to her feet. “Get out all of you!” She screamed and the servants scuttled out the chambers shutting the door behind them with fear painted upon their faces.

            The emperor turned to face her again. “Jin’s mother is dead and I didn’t marry you to look beautiful!” He spat. “You are my wife you shall breed my child!”

            She stepped back in disbelief of his words. “I am not a common w***e or dog. I do not breed! I give life to human!” She retorted.

            He lifted his closed fist. “I would strike you if your father wasn’t the Emperor of Tien!”

            She laughed with madness. “Hit me you coward!”

            “How dare you speak to me with such foulness?” He hovered over her with all his six feet four inches of himself. He slowly put down his fist but did not unclench it and eyed his wife with distaste. “Watch the serpent in your mouth.”

            She hiked up her chin and licked her lips. “Yes your Majesty.” She bowed and turned on her heels.

            “Did I dismiss you?” He slowly moved towards her with his body shivering with rage.

            She shook her head then turn towards him. “No my Emperor, you did not.”

            Once more taking her hands into his big palms he raised them to his lips and slowly kissed them. From her wrist to the fingertips he slowly caressed her hands with his lips and looked in his wife’s eyes. “You know I love you.”

            Sighing Empress Lin nodded and faintly smiled. “I love you too and I promise you a child.”

            The emperor dropped her hands and smirked. “Do not make promises you can not keep. You may leave.” He turned on his heels and trotted to his throne without a second glance at Empress Lin. Swallowing her pride she nodded and left the chambers silently.


            The red and gold carriage was assembled  in front of the palace doors and ready as the horses neighed and stretched their legs ready for the journey ahead. Elegantly draped in a sparkling white and pink robe decorated with flowers and birds Empress Lin expressionless walked into the inner courtyard, that was covered in crimson flowers, of the palace and climbed into her carriage. Biyu followed behind the empress climbing in too. The driver lashed the horses with a loud crack and the carriage pulled out the inner courtyard’s giant gates then the outer courtyard’s gates. The outer courtyard was filled with cherry blossom trees and stone tables and chairs the servants used to play cards or chess.

        A hundred armed horsemen who were the empress’s guards surround the carriage as the horses picked up speed.

            The empress turned to her servant as she settled in her seat and spoke softly. “I must see the oracle before it is too late.”

            Biyu snapped her head around as colour rushed to her face. “Your majesty, forgive me for asking but too late for what?”

            Empress Lin closed her eyes as the rhythm of the carriage rolling over stones gently rocked her side to side. “For my heir to the throne,”

            Biyu nodded and said nothing more as she watched the Empress close her eyes and hum a lullaby to her self.

© 2010 Emotiionsz

Author's Note

tell me what ya think? i just did some more editing

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A nice start, shows the ability to become a very interseting story. Domenic caught a lot of the same things I did, although I wouldn't worry too much about pace.

Posted 9 Years Ago

dialogue was good, good description of the characters as well.
You have a lot of description of the characters and the objects involoved in the scene, but you seem to be lacking details about the scenery itself. I found it hard to picture where the characters were. Also, the story moves at a strange pace, it started slow, then it got fast, then it sort of slowed again..
Overall, a quick brush over should helep with the readability, otherwise good job. The story has potential.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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