A Chapter by Neha Godambe

The Prologue of the novella


Help! Is anyone around? How did I reach here? Unaware, puzzled, terrified and agonized, a young girl screams for rescue as she finds herself standing all alone on a street in black moonless night. She looks around only to spot silhouettes of crazy looking creatures and their eyes gazing at her, making her feel restless. Every withered look intentionally speaks about her unsolicited existence. Why don’t they believe in my might? Why do they criticize the truth of my awesome skill? Why do they feel my core existence hardly exists? Caught in the pitch dark heartless world of unfathomable solitude, she curses the universe where her wisdom hardly matters. These thoughts of misery running through her mind make her run breathlessly only to find a beam of hope at a distance.  Careless about the thorns hurting her on her way, the faint phantom bells and frozen street sending shivers down her spine, she sprints thoughtlessly to find a ray of light.  With a hope in her eyes to find the right path where every creature around her is full of worth, she struggles to  reach there, and she is almost there when unexpectedly a tuneful but annoying alarm clock wishes her ‘Goood Morrrrrning’ and sidetracks her from her path.  With noticeable wrinkles on her brow and frown face, she struggles to open her eyes as bright sun rays reach her without any deviation. Finding herself in her bed, in her home sweet home, she releases a sigh of relief and says, Good Morning girl! So what if the night was dreadful, the day ahead will turn out beautiful.

Melly, a young girl of 20 years residing with her threesome family enjoyed working as a script writer. She developed her passion for scripts only after she could manage writing a biographical poem for and about her late father.  Till date, she couldn’t figure what made her write a simple but beguiling piece that touched the heart of every person reading it. This fairly good-looking studious young adult never had the typical craze of accessories, trendy but worthless outfits, gossips, shopping, boyfriend/s, marriage, kids, baby’s name, honeymoon, orgasm or rather understanding what orgasm means and the way it feels. She would only overhear some conversations from her friends about girl’s young age mania.

Not that Melly never ever day-dreamt about anything/anyone. She also would have her idiosyncratic fantasies which never had the mention of marriage and kids. All she fantasized was having a perfect life with her guy, a life which would seem totally imperfect to the world beyond their eyes. She always believed that someday she would be the soul mate of her worth, someone reckless but equally caring, someone who would care a damn about the extended world and care a lot about his own world.  

Gaining the confidence of writing fairly well, Melly maintained a diary that spoke about the worthy and unworthy days she kept spending every day. She named her diary ‘Amity’. Why Amity?? Well, she considered her diary her best friend. The pages of ‘Amity’ spoke about her day-to-day life, the conversation of her girl friends, her crave for chicken and hatred for bland food and bland people. Those days she was surrounded by pure vegetarian crowd and amongst them she could hardly showcase her crave for non-vegetarian cuisine. She wrote about her dream to travel to 10 most beautiful places in the world.

A piece from Amity

 Before dying how could I not bless my eyes with the enchanting beauties of Himalayas, the panoramic view of the valleys in Pakistan, the shimmering beauty of Manhattan, the maddening Vatican city of Italy, the immensely huge Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Victoria Falls of Zambia, Brazil and the carnival of Rio, Santorini (Greece) a city of beautiful white-washed stone houses with bright, electric blue roofs and also one of the most arid places of the world �"Sahara desert.  

Not that she knew about every place mentioned here. Only because of her immense love for tourism and passion to explore the bountiful nature, Melly made it a point to travel to all these marvelous places by the time she reaches her 50s.












© 2013 Neha Godambe

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Added on January 25, 2013
Last Updated on January 25, 2013
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Neha Godambe
Neha Godambe

Thane, Maharashtra, India

I am a wacky thinker, may be cross-wired in head but true to the richness of learning and writing. Like most writers, I write on a whim to express my emotions. more..


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