Right there lies my sister (ballad)

Right there lies my sister (ballad)

A Poem by *~~Siren~~*

a ballad

Right there lies my sister
She's covered in blood
She didn't think I'd kill her
And who thought I could

Shes lying there lifeless
Her heart not one beat
So now she just lies there
Still and cold by my feet

She twitched just a little
As I stabbed her heart
She cried out,"Please spare me!"
Before I tore her apart

As I hid her body
And buried her head
They'll never find out
That I killed her instead 

But if they found her
There'd be a large mess
Cause I'd have to kill them
Along with the rest

Now my fingers are bloody
And my soul is pitch black
They'll lock my away
Before my parents come back

They'll say I'm insane
And there probably right
Cause they saw one sister
Kill the other in a fight

They'll put me in chains 
And tie down my hands
They'll say,"Do not murder!"
But I'll  just laugh in the end

© 2012 *~~Siren~~*

Author's Note

please review! I like reviews...cuz....I'm lonely....lawl jk:P but do review!

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I really do like the dark things :3 If I could suggest, I'd love to see you write something happy that turns insane~

Posted 11 Years Ago

It's so dark and charming. It has such a lovely and beautiful flow of words, and goes right along with the insanity of the narrator. I love this. ^-^

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2012
Last Updated on June 8, 2012
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