My Most Life Changing Moment

My Most Life Changing Moment

A Story by Sleepless Dreamer

I was assigned this speech for Public Speaking, I decided it was worthy to be posted here. Feel free to criticize. Thanks for reading


            My most life changing experience isn’t one you would expect, hell, I didn’t expect it coming into this speech. I spent quite some time questioning myself, “What’s my happiest moment” or “What’s my most traumatizing experience?” and after thinking about my life, seeing it flash before me, every moment. All the tears and smiles, all the heartbreaks and all the great nights out, I came to see something, I’ve spent too many days inside. I’ve let things like my lack of friends or depressions consume me, constricting me to my bedroom, as if shackled by chains. I realized how pathetic it is, for me to stay home every day and sulk, I need to make my own person, and can’t let my past define me. All of these heartbreaks, people important in my life leaving me because I couldn’t be good enough for them, all of those moments blaming myself for everything that’s happened through my life, I can’t let all of that eat away at me. I deserve to be happy, even if I have to wake the hell up, break out of my idiotic shell, and show everyone the real me. Nothing in this life should ever hold me back, because nothing in this life can. Every life is a book, and you gotta try your hardest to fill every damn page with details and events to make it worth living. This speech was an amazing choice because it entails a level of introspection, a level that I think each and every person needs. It’s absurd to think my life is full of dull pages, and I need to be sure to make the rest of it something worth reading, even if it’s just for one person. I’m the only one who has to live my life, I better make it good. As the saying goes, “When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen.”

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Sleepless Dreamer
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Added on March 7, 2014
Last Updated on March 7, 2014
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Sleepless Dreamer
Sleepless Dreamer


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