Immortals: Dark King

Immortals: Dark King

A Story by nenestarrs

Immortals forced to keep themselves hidden from society. Now a group called Lazarus is threaten to tell the world who they are, killing immortals and mortals alike. The King is forced to stop them


    The sound of the cars passing by dulled the desire of pain. The pain really wasn’t the problem. It was the not knowing. She knew something was wrong with her. Usually keeping it to herself was no problem. Actually she liked it that way. But now it wasn’t enough. She sighed, She sat sipping her latte at the coffee house she visited everyday. She was sure no one else noticed anything different about her. They would only see what she choose to portray.
     The smell of strong coffee brewing and steamed milk surrounded Mariina. A young woman sitting with her laptop sat across from me sipping her coffee. She went to sit her drink down and had it tip over a little but she saved it, righting her cup and hurriedly typing something onto her keyboard. A guy across from the young woman set on a bar stool, a small cell phone to his ear. She sighed looking down at the corian table top.  
     Then she felt it. Someone was watching her. Looking up and casually glancing around; Her eyes briefly swept across the room, landing on a man, with blonde hair, sitting at the counter. He looked at her then looked off. Her eyes skirted him. He had just entered the coffee house and hadn’t yet received his coffee. Her eyes moved on but she knew he was the one watching her. Sliding her purse off the counter she slipped the strap over her shoulder grabbed her cup and stroll casually to the door. She tossed her empty paper cup in the trash and walked out the double paned glass door.
The sun was up and shone brightly down. The day was nice and every where Mariina looked people were wearing their shorts and tank tops. Mariina didn’t stop to appreciate the scenery however. She walked down the street just before dipping around the corner and running to her old Honda Accord. She took off in time to see the blond haired guy rush to the corner and pause after seeing her take off down the street…….
    Alone, not letting anyone get to close, distrusting of everyone. This is how she lived. Never having known anywhere she could be completely safe. She did a lot of things alone. She parked her small Honda at the curb of the new Delta Travel Agency. She had begun working there over a week ago. The sun had gone down about two hours ago; She didn’t feel like going home just yet. So she walked around the downtown of Reddings, California. She wondered around window shopping. She begin to feel an unsettling, eerie feeling, like she was being watched. She felt that she was not alone.
     She tried to ignore the creeping up her spine, in the hope that it was just her imagination. It had been over a month since the incident in the coffee house. The streets where quiet and not many residents were walking down the street this night. She stopped in front of a clothing boutique. There was a mannequin wearing a long black slinky dress with black boots that disappeared underneath the dress, a white thin strapped leather belt was draped around it‘s waist. She was lost in thought about how the dress would look on her, clinging to her curves, when she noticed another imagine in the window.
     It was that man from the coffee house, and he stood back slightly observing her. He wore dark jeans and a shirt that fit over taut drawn muscles. His jaw was square and mouth was tight. His eyes, were what really scared her, they slashed almost like a wild cat back at her in the window. He saw her watching him. He smiled, but the smile did little to warm his expression.     
     She turned and started walking in the opposite direction of where she intended to go. A few people passed her on the street as she picked up her pace. Hurrying across the street trying to lose her pursuer. Yet it seemed that she never was gaining a lead. The man some how was keeping up with her and not hiding the fact that he was stalking her. Finally a small street to her left gave her an opportunity she needed. She whipped around the corner and jogged down to the back of the buildings. The back of the building had a parking lot. The building was a restaurant and the restaurant had a little back door opening that was probably intended for the employees only.
    She slipped into that opening and held her breath. Hopping he had lost interest in following her. Maybe, it really was her imagination. She stood in the silent. No sound came, no foot steps approached. She stood there for what felt like forever but actually it was only a few minutes that had past. Nothing happened. Finally she peeked around the corner. He was there standing unmoving just watching. She gasped and turned towards the door. She started pounding on the door and yelling. She hoped someone would hear her and come check out what was going on…..
    Boaz and Jafar were seated at the small restaurant on the corner of Main St. and Palm Desert Lane. The waiter had already been by to take their orders. Boaz felt an unsettled feeling for some odd reason. He couldn’t point out why. He watched people coming into the restaurant being seated. Nothing out of the ordinary about the place. His nephew Najem had recommended they meet here because the food was suppose to be the best in town.
   “What’s up?!” Jafar his friend and body guard asked while taking a sip of the cold water the waitress had sat before him. Boaz shook his head but said nothing.
   “What time is Najem suppose to get here? Isn’t he late?” Jafar asked.
    “Yeah he is late.” Boaz stated.
    Then he spotted her. A woman walked past the window at almost a run, looking hastily back over her shoulder. Not a minute later a tall blonde man walked past the window. His focus was obviously on the woman. Boaz continued to frown. Should he follow them? The waiter arrived and set down their orders. He was still thinking on the woman as he took a bite of his food. Then he heard her screaming for help. It wasn’t like she was loud but he could hear her thoughts screaming out in panic. Her thoughts beat into his head like a drum.
    He jumped up and headed for the entrance. Jafar put down his napkin and jumped up to follow. He was stopped by a waiter asking if they wanted the food still, or if they would like to pay the bill…..
    Boaz made it to the back of the restaurant. The man had grabbed the woman and was putting a hand over her mouth. Boaz knew the man was like him. He seized hold of the man’s mind. Under compulsion the man was forced to let her go. He was strong and tried to fight the order. Boaz walked forward towards them.    
    “I said release her.” came the forceful command. “ I want you to release her now and tell me who you are?” Boaz voice was quiet. The man was strong but apparently not strong enough. His hands fell away from her and he begin to back up. Slowly he turned and looked at Boaz.
  “Who the f**k are you?!” The man growled out between clenched teeth.
  “I am Boaz, I already know what you are, so who are you?”
  A frown deepen the lines in Boaz forehead. Why would one of his kind want a human woman. The woman moved around her assailant and stood next to the man who rescued her. Boaz didn’t understand but he felt a connection to the woman and slipped a hand around her waist and pulled her close to him. She seemed as if she needed the contact of another person. Her arms circled his waist and her head dropped onto his shoulder. She was shaking violently.
    “If you know what I am then that means you are like me.!” The man growled out.
    “When have our kind attacked mortal women?!” Boaz let some of his calm seep into the woman to help calm her down. He continued to stroke her back. She stop shaking and grew quiet. At that moment Jafar came around the corner. He took in the scene with distaste.    
    “I let you out of my sight for a moment and you end up in this kind of trouble?”
     “Save your lectures, this isn’t my fault. One of our kind was assaulting a mortal woman. You know I can’t let that happen.” Boaz never removed his eyes from his prey. Jafar looked the attacker up and down. His eyebrows drew together with intensity. The man was clean cut, movie star looks but that wasn’t a surprise. The people of their species tended to look like movie stars. Their skin flawless, hair always grew just right, color always bright and vibrant without having to add dyes. Perfect white teeth.
     No, what Jafar was able to gleam from looking into his eyes was the lack of feelings. The man seemed lost, no emotions poured from his eyes as with other Katumen. It was as if the light had been shut off inside him. Frowning Jafar was about to speak when a noise from behind him caught his attention. Looking back he saw a group of teenagers walking past. The kids where all staring their way as if they knew something was going on.
     “Boaz this is neither the time or place. It is too public. We need to go.” Jafar always thinking ahead said to the quiet man who stood just holding the woman.
     “Jafar, I know this.” Boaz starred at the man.
     “Listen carefully, I want your name now.”

      Boaz gave the man no more chances to fight him. He took over the man’s mind and gleamed who he was. He had a distaste for diving into peoples private thoughts. So he just extracted the man’s name and nothing more from his mind control. Of course he wasn’t gentle with the mind control and the man’s hands flew to his head. When he had what he wanted, he let the man go. The attackers hands dropped back to his sides.
     Then he was  on them. The man attacked. His hand raised in the air and with unseen force Boaz was lifted into the air and thrown back to were the teenagers now stood staring mouths wide open in shock. Jafar’s hand came up and he knocked the stranger off his feet with his force, but the man was quicker and easily while falling turned his attention to Jafar and lifted him off the ground and flung him back into the row of cars parked next to where he had been standing. The man got to his feet and ran to the woman who stood frozen; but Boaz was closer and quicker. He grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled her along down the street away from the immortal. He spoke to Jafar telepathically and told him to do nothing. There were too many witnesses.
      Boaz didn’t know what happened to Jafar but he could sense the man was safe. Frustrated, and running down the street, away from this guy was making Boaz angry. He could do nothing while out in the open. He could not have witnesses to anything he did. A decree was made many, many centuries ago by the king in order to protect the Katumen people from the growing fears and resentments that had started to rise among mortals who wanted to see them extinct.  So all he could do right now is just run, but with the woman running in heels ahead of him was not easy.
    “He is still following us!” Mariina shouted over her shoulder.

    Of course Boaz knew it already. Mariina ran in her high heels, catching on a crack in the side walk. She nearly fell. Boaz grunted in frustration. He had never met a woman more prone to mishap then this woman. The scream died in her throat. He had been running behind her and stopped long enough to grab her arm and swing her up in his embrace before he continue to run.
    The street was silent. He ran with ease. Gracefully, with full length in each stride. It seemed as if his feet never really touched the ground. The ground moved swiftly beneath them. Boaz didn’t look back to see where the enemy was at but Mariina craned her neck to look around Boaz’s broad shoulders. Their pursuer was still quiet a distant away but the longer Mariina stared the closer he appeared to get.
     “He’s getting closer.”

     Mariina whispered in his ear. Her arms circled him and she buried her face in his neck. He smelled of old spice and something else all male. Despite the danger they were in she actually felt very aware of him. Something in her lifted its head and desire crawled across her belly.
     “Hon, I don’t want to frighten you but the only way for me to stop him is to face him. You must stay out the way. Don’t engage him, I will handle him!”

       Boaz’s voice was hard as steel. He seemed not to notice the battle he was inflicting on her senses. His head was turned looking in the direction of their persistent pursuer. They had stopped in front of what looked to be a two story house. The windows were boarded up and the grass was over grown. Boaz let Mariina slide down out of his arms. She held onto him a moment as she looked around. Her gaze went to his. He was staring at her with those golden eyes, she had noticed earlier. He was looking intently at her. She swallowed and moved away from him.     
      “So, this is were we have to face him.”
       Marinna looked around a little nervously. She didn’t frighten easily but with a crazy person on their tail, Mariina couldn’t help but feel a little afraid that maybe this man would be too much for her rescuer. She hadn’t seen him in action yet but she assumed he wouldn’t face the guy if he couldn’t handle him (or at least she hoped). A gentle laugh escaped Boaz. Mariina’s gaze flew to his face. Did he know what she was thinking. Could he be reading her mind. A frown settled between her eyes. He continued to talk not paying the look in her eyes any attention.
     “No, not we, I will face him. You, I want clear out the way. Come”
     Boaz grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him as he pushed open the gate and marched her down the walk way and up the steps of the old boarded up house. The front door gave him no trouble as he pushed his shoulder into the door forcing the door open.
     “Quick he’ll be here in just a moment.”  Boaz ran his eyes over the room distastefully. Then as if making up his mind he lead her across the room and opened the door to what she guessed was the basement.
     “ Wait in here. When it’s over I will come for you. Do not open the door unless I call for you. No matter what you hear.” Boaz was staring at her again.

     His look frighten her even more. What if he doesn’t come back? She blinked back the tears that threaten to spill over. Boaz hand reached up and cupped her cheek. Then he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. His lips were soft but firm. Instead of pulling away, like she expected he would, he deepened the kiss.
    His tongue brushed her lips and she opened them slightly. His tongue dipped inside and she instantly forgot why they were standing there. The kiss had her leaning into his strong embrace. Her arms moved up to encircle his neck. Her head turned slightly to the opposite side of his. He deepened the kiss  further. He lifted her up against his rock hard body. She could feel him pressed against her belly. He was hard. Then he pulled away and shove her inside.
    “Bar the door from your side. I’ll call you when it’s over.” Her hand stopped him from shutting the door.
    “Wait! I don’t even know your name.“ She said breathless. His eyes had a intensity about them.
    “It’s Boaz, at your service.” He bowed at the waist and smiled up into her eyes.

    The attraction once again hit him hard. Boaz backed away closed the door and was gone.  Mariina stood staring at the closed door for a moment. She snapped out of her semi-trance and began to look around. She searched for something, anything to blocked the door.

© 2012 nenestarrs

Author's Note

Please read and review. I am always happy to read and review anyone else art. Send me a request.

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Good story with a good plot. Some grammar errors but nothing major. You have set up the rest of the book very well and intoduced us to you as a writer very well with this!
Good job
Thank you

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really like this story. I really liked the dialog and the plots. All together I love everything about it. So good, keep writing (:

Posted 9 Years Ago

The story is very interesting . The dialogs are well made and plot well created.... Really liked the usage of words..
and also... about your warning.. I am not a very good critic but as from eyes of reader, I really liked the whole write, didn't felt any place messed up or so...
Waiting for more from you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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