Immortals: Dark King Part 2: The Battle

Immortals: Dark King Part 2: The Battle

A Story by nenestarrs

Immortals forced to keep themselves hidden from society. Now a group called Lazarus is threaten to tell the world who they are, killing immortals and mortals alike. The King is forced to stop them.


    He raced across then ground. He could have caught up with them if he wanted to. He chuckled to himself. The street was dark and no one was about. He slowed and stopped in  front of the worn boarded up empty house. They had no idea about who he was or what he could do. He rolled his head around on his shoulders to pop his neck. He was big and he knew it. As big as or bigger then the guy he was after. His eyes were wild as he looked around the yard then up the stairs that lead to the front door. His eyes shifted form. His vision now provided more detail of the night then before. Now he could see clearly in the night.

    He laughed as he pulled out a vile that he had in his back pocket. He couldn’t always control himself with this stuff on him. One whiff and Katumen’s will lose control over their beast and become the beast. Once they are in the process of transforming they can be killed but it’s dangerous. Some are strong enough to fight back even when transforming. So that is why he has to be careful. Still he was cocky enough to believe he could defeat his opponent. Anyone who would run was surely a coward. He’ll win this, he was certain. The woman would be his.

    Their queen would be happy. He would be elevated to a higher status. He would not lose. With the vile out he had to control himself against the desire to let his cat out. He had been given and antidote but it wasn’t 100%. So he still had the desire and must fight it or lose everything. He strolled up the stairs whistling a small tone. He knew they would hear him. He slammed his foot into the door sending it flying open to bang against the wall.

    “Let’s make this easy,  come out and I‘ll kill you quickly. It‘ll only hurt for a minute.” he called out.

   His voice reverberated off the walls. The vile was in his hands held loosely.  Then to be certain he slammed the vile into the wall smashing it into little pieces of glass and thick, yellowish liquid. The liquid slid down the wall slowly. The scent of the liquid was strong and He quickly had to move away from the wall with the offending odor or suffer the effects. The other male was surely fighting the change as well since Katumen had ultra sensitive smells and he was surely able to smell the drug.

    The drug affected him. His eyes formed into those of his cat. The bones in his hands cracked and popped as they changed shape. Huge claws appeared in place of his hands. Long nails curved out of his paws. He looked around the murky room. The room was as clear as day to him. He walked over to the left side past the staircase and into what had to be the dining room. 

    This room like the first was dark, and dank. Dust covered the floor and cobwebs hung low from the ceiling. He went into the room; on the other side of the of the room stood a door leading to where he believed was a kitchen. He could sense it, his opponent was nearby. Probably hiding out in that room. He went to the door and placed his ear next to it to hear. No sound came from the room. He was surprised surely this man was a stronger adversary then he had given him credit for, because surely the drug was taking affect.

    Yet he heard not a peep from the man. Then slowly he pushed the door open. The kitchen was also dusty, and filth laid over ever inch of it. His claws slid down the door digging into the soft wood and leaving marks down the door. His eyes quickly scanned the area. No one was in there. He signed and turned back around into the dinning room. Right in front of him stood his opponent who was actually taller then what he originally thought. The man stood in front of him and he wore a devilish smile on his face. Then  he leaped back about several feet landing lightly. He was quick. Pushing away from the door Sly came back into the room.

    “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. Finally I will be able to claim the glory that is due me once you are gone.” He stated observing what his comment did to the other man.

   The man never responded. The man stood his ground as he approached and clearly the drug did not work against his adversary. He wanted to put an end to this game swiftly, so he rushed upon him with his super speed. Being part of the cheetah family made speed a very good tool to use and gave him an edge.

    However the man still seemed quicker. He was gone from that spot and stood over at the fire place mantel. The same smile as before plastered to his face.  With a grunt of frustration he speed towards Boaz whom simple disappeared from the spot. The man froze. How? He moved without being seen. Boaz coughed behind the man. Swinging around quickly he raked paws across the air in an attempt to hit Boaz. The spot was empty once again.

    The man laughed. “Very good, you were taught by an expert. I never expected to meet someone with the skill to not only defect the effects of the drug but with a warriors skill as well.” The man didn’t attempt to find Boaz with just his eye sight anymore. He used his other senses as well. He smelled for him in the air and sensed were his presence was at.  Then he smiled he knew where he was at. His mouth lengthen into a cheetah’s spotted muzzle. His face was disfigured with a combination of human and cheetah features.

    He whipped around, mouth reaching for his opponents throat. Boaz leapt back. The man was quick because of his cheetah reflexes. Still he was not as quick as Boaz. The room shook as the two huge Katumen’s heavy weight hit the old wood floor boards. Dust hung in the air. The man part cheetah and part human now became wild. The antidote to the drugs effect having little control over him now that he was in part cheetah form. He raced towards Boaz with such speed Boaz barely got out of the way in time. The man was mostly cheetah now. He circle around Boaz and up the side of the wall running, Only to leap back off the wall behind Boaz and raced again towards him.

    Boaz was still for a minute. His head cocked to one side. He sniffed the air. Then he snarled. Turning around the cheetah raced at Boaz who grabbed him with one hand around the throat. The cheetah’s muzzle snapped over and over again as the cheetah strained it’s neck to get at Boaz’s face. Boaz out of patience leaned closer to the cheetah.

   “You are a fool!” Boaz said through gritted teeth.

   “You let the enemies drug control you to help increase your fighting skills. You never even thought to figure out if you were fighting an opponent you could win.”

    Boaz had a dark sinister smile on his face. The look of death in his eyes was cold. The cheetah who had been struggling in his death grip, stared into Boaz eyes and growled, defiantly.
   “Well I will enlighten you. I do not pity a fool! As King of the Katumens I pass judgment of death for treason against your own people.”

   Boaz flung the cheetah and now part man into the wall across the room, allowing one claw to rip into flesh of the mans neck and shoulder. The Boards gave in as the man went sailing through them. The man laid there silent a moment .Then he struggled up and came forward tall. Back in human form he stood on shaky legs.

    Blood oozed out of the open wounds on his neck and chest. He held a hand around his neck. Blood begin to seeped through his fingers. He stumbled a little before righting himself. His focus was unsteady. He observed the tall man before him. How is this possible?! Is he?! Could he be…No! Impossible! The king hasn’t been seen in centuries. A millennium even.

    Sly took in the man’s look. He appeared dark  and monstrous, a predator. He enjoyed this battle. The small smug smile belied the evil look cast his way and made the injured man step back away from his opponent. He laugh trying to throw off Boaz.

    “Wow, I have the great honor of fighting the legendary recluse himself.” The man laughed and continue.

    “Some say you are the devils own man, others say that you are a mercenary and vengeance should be your middle name, but to me you look like you’ve spent to many days away from your responsibilities. You are trying to gain something that will never be yours again.” The man sneered hatefully.

     Boaz was not fooled. He could smell the sweat that was beading at the other mans temple and beginning to slide down his face. The man still held a hand to his neck where small pools of blood was seeping between his fingers.

    “You call me a fool but you are truly a fool. No one acknowledges you. You abandoned us long ago and we had to do for ourselves. You gave the decree for our kind to hide our abilities when we should be revered, celebrated and running these pathetic  humans. Instead you come out of your self induced seclusion and throw around how you are the king and you order that I be put to death.” The man started to laugh but was interrupted by a fit of coughing.

    “You are not my king and I do not follow you.” the man sneered.

    A frown settled between Boaz’s eyes. He knew the man was right and many of his people felt the same way. Still he was the king and he had to put a end to the monstrosity that was going on. It was time he lived up to the role he was born to.
    “Maybe so, but that still doesn’t change the fact that you are a traitor,  and I sentence you to death. I will not let you rein terror any longer on my people and on the innocent.”

    Boaz moved with unnatural speed, his hand transformed into massive claws that he propelled  into the man’s chest.  The man weathered and screamed in agony. He tried to extract himself away from Boaz but found himself frozen in place. He couldn’t move and he watch as his opponent moved freely coming closer to him to end his life.  Once the man stopped fighting Boaz who had crushed the man’s heart removed his hand from the man’s torn chest cavity. Blood covered Boaz’s hand and the smell of metallic and raw flesh was strong in the air.

    Boaz turned away in disgust. He hated killing, especially his own people. He pulled his own shirt over his head. Taught bronze skin and muscle tighten and flexed on his powerful body. He cleaned his hand on the shirt he had pulled off. Then he tossed the shirt into the old fireplace. Pausing for a moment he stared out into the empty room.
   The body of his enemy at his feet. He rolled his head around on his shoulder trying to ease the tension. Turning his head he headed to the basement door where he had left Marriina. At the door he paused and listen into the room. No sound came out. Telepathically he called out.

   “Mariina, it is I, open the door.” He could hear no sound of movement. Only chaos entered his mind, Chaos and torment.

© 2012 nenestarrs

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