Again you

Again you

A Poem by Shane William

Another old one. Sad memories. Kinda deep. But good.


Still wrapped up in that tree
that moment reflecting gold
whispering blue

January again burns bright
like light before it dreams day
but it is night, not day, our night
where we can breifly breathe dead life
our black cloak stopping sight
no material desires

We are constellations
Mocking mortal eyes
split images fading forever
we are light, too evocative for soil
We are two ambient suns

Airy, a single ambit
Pleasing heaven with
silent music and shoe-box memories

Creating fictions that define
love through death,
death proving a moment with love

I love you

You are my mirror
A tragic shadow still reflecting
Invading innocent objects
reminding me of what I see
isn't you

Reminding me I am...

Here alone. Displaced

© 2008 Shane William

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This was absolutely heartbreaking... Maybe it is just my current frame of mind that is dictating the emotion, but I can completely relate to this and it feels like a stab in the chest. Such subtle longing and fervent desire written on this page; the imagery is fantastic, and runs the gambit from ethereal to modern "we are constellations" vs. "silent music and shoe-box memories". I really enjoyed this one, my friend!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wonderful and ethereal opening that sets the reader up for the crash at the end. I really like that effect. Such a deft use of alliteration, line breaks and occasional rhymes. It's a magical blending. I love how bright the opening is, with the "gold" and "bright", but the poem darkens as we read.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 26, 2008


Shane William
Shane William


Well here we are. Yep, those are the words over there to your left, feel free to take a gander. more..