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 August 30th, 2014

Walking home from a tiring school day, up into a unfamiliar short cut, I found a old man, looking tired and out of it, was holding a garage sale for video games. Before I question the fact that there’s a f*****g old man who started a garage sale in a neighborhood that’s tattered and empty, I sought off to his direction.

”Hello, young man, I’m selling some old video games from my youth, 10 bucks a pop.” I’ve searched the table, and once again, questioning on how the f**k is he old, yet he sells Mega Drive and Pokemon games waaay younger than his generation, but I digressed, and decided to help the old dude in need.

I decided to purchase Pokemon Yellow from him, and turned back towards my way home. As soon as I turned my head and waved to him, I was awe-struck as to see that the old man, along with his house has disappeared out and about in the blue. As I question the logic of ”how the f**k did the old man disappeared even if I was just talking to him”, I just decided not to question it until a fat, sweaty disgusting neckbearded guy wearing a shirt that holds the images of Pinkie Pie, a green faceless Slenderman and a emo anime Jack the Killer in a Human-Centipede " like contraption.

”Hi, my name issh Tom, did shhyu want to know about shhuh old meyan who shhwived here who died 40 yearssh ago?”I swear I was about to vomit from how rancid his body odor emitted. ”Uhm… don’t you have a convention you need to be addressing?…. after taking a bath?”With out saying anything else (thank god), the fat man departed away from me as I blow a sigh of relief and fresh air.

Looking at the dude’s back fat flapping up and down, I was so disgusted that I didn’t even fully noted that on the back of his shirt had the websites Tumblr, Dashcon, Comic-Con and Creepypasta’s Wikia imprinted.

After trying to forget what the heapin’ hell I had just witnessed, I’ve made it back to my house and immediately grabbed my old Game Boy Color to immediately check this baby out. As I’ve inserted the cartridge into the system, I heard a faint-yet-loud shouting that sounded as if it was outside my room. I immediately checked in my room closet, only found nothing out of the ordinary, just a ghost holding up the sign ”ORIGINALITY”. I was running around my entire house to see what was causing this sound until I caught an immediate glimpse and looked at the window to sought after my discovery.

The old garage sale man standing out my window repetitively yelling ”MYSTERIOUS, SUBTLE, MYSTERIOUS, SUBTLE” standing with his back towards my direction. I felt that I needed to call the cops, but then again, this is a f*****g Creepypasta story.

I ignored the irritating noise and went back to my game. 3 hours in and I was having fun fighting and leveling up my Pokemon, until a weird thing happen. My GameBoy Color powered off just as I was about to beat the level 6 Pokemon. When I turned it back on, it replaced my save file with a corrupted text file. Once I chose it, I immediately warped to Lavender Town.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ”Another Lavender Town story? Geez”, no, I am not going to make this into a L-Town story.So immediately going into Lavender Town, I end up fighting a ghost Pokemon and it was Missingno, an-Oh, sorry guys, my 5 year old autistic brother messed with my story. I apologize about that. I’ll restart from my savepoint.

Anyway, I ignored the irritating old yelling dude and went to my game. Suddenly, I heard a glass-breaking sound downstairs. As I sneaked down, I saw a guy in a trench coat looking through my kitchen drawers. He pulled out a meat cleaver. I feared the worst and ran back up to my room. As I frantically search around in my room for something to defend myself with, I heard the loud footsteps up towards my bed room getting louder every step.

In a flash, I hear my door slam open and fearfully look upon the trench suit man with the meat cleaver. Out of options, I decided to throw my plastic NES controller and miraculously it penetrated his chest through his back, causing the man to fall, with a hyper-realistic bloody hole in his chest.

I have no idea who this man is, but I assume that it has something to do with the old guy. I packed up my clothes, refreshments and other essential material and headed out of my house.I don’t know where I’m going, but I am high-hung in what my trip intends to salvage….. to walk far the f**k away and not get trapped in a unofficial s****y fanfiction sequel.

The End…… My only friend, the end.

© 2015 Nerdlige

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my real name will never be reveled ive tryed to get a youtube acount but my computer sucks plus my dogs went on a rampage of running threw the house and knocked off my computer im 17 im not the smart.. more..