A Story by Nerdlige

If you are reading this. Please.
I don’t remember. What the day was. I was just looking at creepy pastas online. Shadows in the corner of my eyes. It was late. Too late. I. Should have gone to sleep. I had work in the morning. Why? Why didn’t I go to bed? Bad dreams.
Bad images. Each night. Was I scared? No. No I was ranting. On my blog. Looking at emails. Silence. Oh god, why? Please.

It was just a link. Just a stupid link. I thought it was spam. Or a troll. God I wish it had just been a troll. Numbers sent it. That’s all what the name of the sender was. Numbers. I can’t remember what they where. I didn’t bother to remember. Who sent it? Why? Please. What ever it was. It uses your fears. To take you. You trap yourself. And it takes you.

I’ve been scared of spiders since I was a kid. Crawling. Black. Venomous. Always watching. It was just a pop up. That’s what I thought. A spider popup on the screen. It wasn’t even that big. That was all I downloaded. Glitch. No text saying go to sleep. No screamer with a bloody zombie. No faceless white man. Just a spider on the screen. Glitch. A small black thing in the corner. Error. Help me. Then it moved. Out of the screen. One leg at a time. Creeping out. When I normally see one. I scream. Squish it. Run out the room. Until my flat mate has cleaned it up. The mess. Searched my whole room for any more. I know there’s more. There’s always more. But this time. I couldn’t move. Frozen. In fear.
I can’t move. Why can’t I move?

What ever you do. Don’t click it. Please. It knew my name. The pop up knew my name. It knows yours. It kept telling me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sounds. Horrid sounds. Growling. Oh god. The face. The spider crawled across my keyboard and the popup became a face. Dark. Emotionless. Saying. Thank you. Why. Why? Thank you.

It slowly crawled onto my hand. The spider. Six tiny blood red eyes. Watching me. I wanted to scream. Slowly crawling. Let me scream. Slowly. So slowly. Up my arm. Each leg like a pinprick. Terror. Please. My shoulder. It’s on my shoulder. Get it off me. Stop. My neck. No. No. Please. My ear. Oh god. Let me scream. I can’t move. Please. I can’t move.

Can you hear it? I can hear it. Its. Its in my skull. The sound. The scraping scuttling sound. Its mandibles in my ear. Crunching. Digging. The Pain. Excruciating pain. Oh god please. Twisting. Wriggling. Moving further. Burrowing Further. Writhing. Deeper and deeper. Chewing every part. My blood. Warm blood. Dripping down my neck. My chin. Let me scream. Let me move. I can’t move. Pain in my head. Now my body. It hurts. Its burning me. My head.
My hands. My legs. My eyes. You’re too late. Please.

Black. It’s all black. I can’t see. I can’t remember. Only the sound. Only the sound in my head. In my ear. The agony in my veins. Oh god is it laying eggs? Help me. Please. Please. It won’t stop. It won’t stop. Don’t. Don’t click on it. Please. Madness. What ever you do. It’s taken others. Each one. Screaming. Inside. Dragged into the dark. Your too late. Can’t think. You can’t see. Their pain. Normal. They seem fine. But their not. The fear has taken them. Each a different fear. It will take you. Once its in it wont get out. It used your terrors. Your fears. Breaking you. Insane. Till your all taken. All trapped. All Gone. All Gone. Look for us. Help. Help us. PLEASE. 6. 5. 5. 4. 13. 5. 25. 15. 21. 18. 6. 5. 1. 18 . . . %#

© 2015 Nerdlige

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Added on May 11, 2015
Last Updated on December 4, 2015




my real name will never be reveled ive tryed to get a youtube acount but my computer sucks plus my dogs went on a rampage of running threw the house and knocked off my computer im 17 im not the smart.. more..