Robert the Bunny 2

Robert the Bunny 2

A Story by Nerdlige

(year. 2001. February 15th.)

Hester was sitting at the end of the classroom and carving words on her desk with a pocket knife, as always. She was sitting far away from the other pupils and the teacher, Mr. Cooke, didn’t even want to bother to ask her to stop. She either wouldn’t even hear him or she would just leave the classroom.

Everyone was used to Hester’s odd behavior and no one wanted to have anything to do with her. Everyone always thought she was… creepy.

Her pale blue eyes were so cold and empty, her skin was very pale and she looked like a walking corpse. She never smiled, laughed or cried. She was always completely expressionless and calm and rarely talked. If she did talk, her voice would sound a little raspy, quiet, calm and she always spoke slowly.

Her short, almost white hair was supposed to look cute on her but it just added more creepiness. She always wore the same clothes. White dress with a yellow ribbon on it, unbuttoned green sweater, white stockings and green sneakers. She also always had a black hairpin with a green button attached to it. She had scars on her arms, legs and cheek, too.

Hester used to get bullied at school but one time, when the bullies tried to push her down the stairs, she attacked them and beat them up so bad, they were all bloody and had to go to the hospital. Ever since that day everyone was afraid to mess with her. After all, there was four bullies and she beat all of them.

She also used to have a friend called Robert. He was one year older than her, he had a dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He was pretty shy and he had a bad heart condition. Everyone saw him very rarely but everytime someone did, it was at the library and he was with Hester. On September 15th. 2000. he went missing.

The class ended and all the kids ran out of the classroom, excpet Hester. She stared at Mr. Cooke and asked:

”Why did you take all those pictures of me the other day? What’s the relationship between you and my mother?”

Cooke looked Hester with a rage in his eyes

”Ms. Redwine, it’s best if you just mind your own business”, he answered and put his books in a heap on the desk.

Hester sat up and calmly walked out of the classroom and closed the door behind her. She left the school building and saw her mother’s car waiting for her at the parking lot. She stepped in the car and saw her mother, Ebony, talking on the phone.

”No, you’d better give me my money! It’s enough having to deal with that little peace of s**t who refuses to just die off!” she was screaming to someone on the phone.

Hester was so used to her mom calling her names, that she wasn’t even moved by it anymore.

The whole car ride went by pretty fast, her mother screaming on the phone was a little amusing to the nine years old Hester. Her mother usually doesn’t pick her up, so she was wondering why she gave her a ride this time.

Just when they went past the supermarket Hester thought she saw a little glimpse of something yellow on the road from the window.

The day went by pretty normally for Hester. She spent all day drawing and cuddling with her stuffed yellow bunny toy. When it was five o’clock, her mother brought Hester’s teacher, Henry Cooke, to their house.

Hester opened her door and peeped. She saw clothes on the floor, leading to her mother’s room. On the floor right in front of her mother’s door there was Cooke’s bag and Hester took a look inside it. There were sleeping pills and the pictures Cooke had took of Hester. In the pictures she didn’t have any clothes on and there was pictures of her mother naked, too. Hester stole the sleeping pills and went back to her room.

It was ten o’clock when Mr. Cooke left the house and Hester had already fallen asleep. Hours went by but at 2 o’clock she woke up to a familiar humming noise and she noticed a yellow bunny costume sitting at the end of her bed. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and yawned.

”Do you know who I am? My name is Robert the Bunny. I’ve been watching you for a long time and I know you want your mother dead, don’t you?”

His voice sounded familiar to Hester but she was too tired to think. The bunny grabbed Hester’s hand and held it gently. Hester thought he somehow seemed sad.

Hester’s mother, Ebony put her drink down went to the bathroom. She came back,sat down and started drinking again and read a newspaper. All of a sudden she felt pain in her stomach and she started vomiting drastically. She fell to the floor and kept vomiting.

She looked up and saw Hester standing in front of her. Hester was looking at her mother with a cold, murderous look. She lifted her hand up, which had scissors in it.

Hester’s house was set on fire and Hester was found covered in blood and walking down a road with bloody scissors in her hands, almost getting hit by a car. She was wearing a white night dress and unbottoned green sweater.

© 2015 Nerdlige

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Added on May 26, 2015
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my real name will never be reveled ive tryed to get a youtube acount but my computer sucks plus my dogs went on a rampage of running threw the house and knocked off my computer im 17 im not the smart.. more..

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