Blue sky

Blue sky

A Story by Ness of Love

5 colors, 5 friends, that is the gist of it, enjoy please

Blue was walking out to the hangout. When finally getting there, Blue saw four figures sitting; Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow. Blue, walking up with that awkward smile she has, felt the love already. Friendship love of course. They were all together, usually how their freedom times is.  Each color had their own uniqueness to them. Orange was like the leader, strong and speaks her mind. Purple was a people person. Red is independent and strong-willed. And Yellow, happy, fun loving, and spunky (a good thing). Blue, awkward and caring, felt at peace with an almost rainbow. But rainbows fade away. Orange was running late for an appointment so she said her goodbyes and left. Purple had errands to run so she said her goodbyes and left. Red had a get concert tickets for one of the best bands around so she said her goodbyes and left. Yellow went off to volunteer at the animal shelter so she said her goodbyes and left. Which left one color left, Blue. Her peacefulness was interrupted by the lonesomeness. This lead it all back. The reason Blue was named Blue was because she felt blue. But one day, Blue left too, and however it happened, she became part of the sky. The nice sky blue! Blue was finally a useful blue. She felt at peace again because she could watch down at her colors and smile her awkward smile knowing that they would still be happy. Blue.

© 2011 Ness of Love

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Awwhh. I really loved it. It was creative and made me think!! A story well written!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was truly quite playful and colorful, in more ways than one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

An interesting concept. I find the colours a little off putting, but I understand that they're all part of the poem. It could be children's story to explain why the sky is blue (just a random moment of thought there). Well done, this is really good

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 31, 2011
Last Updated on August 31, 2011


Ness of Love
Ness of Love


I write when I feel the emotions of a story. That is why I write. In a easier way, what I feel I write. A girl who writes, how not original. Writing is a way I express myself, as is other writes most .. more..