His vision blurred as he stared profusely into the bright, blaring screen in front of him. The words typed in the little box were muddled, twisted, blended, contorted. The box itself, a window, resembled a morose caricature that taunted him with its shockingly pink background and tiny, red, animated hearts that seemed to be laughing at him.

~*~Synnful Illusions~*~ says: "Game Over."

Speechless, his fingers refused to tap against the keys that would give a pixelated voice to the emotional turmoil raging within his confused stasis. He wanted to reach into his monitor, travel on the highway of electrical impulses, and pull her to him. He wanted to make her see the pain she caused him. Yes, he knew she could see the rivulets of salted tears pouring down his face as he stared into the webcam, but...'but it isn't the same,' he thought, 'maybe she'd feel something if she were actually here.'

The truth was, she wouldn't. Whether he was a pixel image juxtaposed on her computer monitor or a living flesh and bone person standing before her, she would not care. Hazy tendrils of purple smoke wafted in the stale air as those bitter lips formed a seal around the tip of her cigarette, a deep inhalation before she leaned over to tap the ashes into a crystal ashtray. Her tongue, that slick pink muscle, would dart out from between crimson stained lips to glide across them as a well-manicured hand wrapped around her mouse.


She'd placed him on ignore. Even though it had originally been meant to thwart internet chat trolls, by the Gods, she loved that snazzy little feature. A few simple clicks of her mouse and she was rid of him. Fortunately, he didn't have Yahoo, but she would have to log into her Skype account to remove him from there as well.

'Sure, he was fun,' she thought, 'He had his moments.' She remembered the times he would stay up till ungodly hours waiting for her to log in, never complaining when she finally made an appearance two days later. She giggled as she silently recounted the times she had actually been logged in...invisible. Then she shrugged, 'But, his entertainment value has vastly depreciated. How unfortunate...for him.'


A brow arched as the sound of an Instant Message caught her attention.

Random Roleplayer says: "Hello? Are you there? Sorry to bother you but I noticed you've just joined the boards and I read some of the writing you've already posted. I was very intrigued and quite impressed, it was truly captivating and had me holding my breath throughout most of the read. I'm glad you joined the boards and look forward to meeting you in character some time."

She smiled. 'Game on,' she thought, as her fingers found their place on her keyboard.