Chapter 1 ~The begining~

Chapter 1 ~The begining~

A Chapter by NeverShoutAlex

High school hard enough. Try living with your brother and Best friend across the country from your parents who ruined your life. Or maybe being able to read songs and know if your going to die, Today.


“Ariella wake up our plane leaves in 2 hours” Justin whispers gently shaking me awake.

“okay im up” I whisper.

I quickly get out of bed grabbing my last minute things. I look around my room to see if I forgot anything, since I’ll never come back to this bedroom again. Something catches my eye. it’s a heart shaped necklace hanging from a hook, I’d placed it out of the way, so I wouldn’t have to be reminded everyday of who was gone, Grandpa, he’d given me that necklace, the day before he died, it still had remnants of his song. It was always a sweet melody, that I could never name. I reach forward and grasp the necklace to my chest, listening to the soft melody.

“do you want to put it on?” Justin asks coming into my room.

“uhm….Yeah I do” I say surprising myself.

I place the necklace in Justin’s hands and he places it around my neck and the soft melody continues to play and when Justin clasps the necklace his hands, skim over my skin, and a sad love song plays in my head. ‘All he wants is to be loved’ I think to myself. He drops the chain and it lightly tugs and my neck.

“there, now is that everything we have to go before they catch us!”

. I look around my room once more, and grab one thing, the picture of me, my best friends and Justin. I hold it close to me and leave my room, which will never be mine again. I turn back to the room one more time before closing the door an following my brother out the door to his car, which is filled with belongings of ours, to be brought with us to Washington. I slowly climb into the car feeling the warm heat spill from the small heater of the car. Justin slides into the driving seat and starts to pull out of the driveway. The little analog clock flashes lights and reads 3am.

“God” I whisper and Justin laughs, “what is it to early?”


“Hey how far is it to the airport?” he asks looking to me. “20minutes” I say words slogging together from exhaustion.

“okay, now sleep, ill wake you up when were there” he whispers patting my head.

I stick my tongue out but agree nuzzling my head into the cushion of the car seat. Justin drives us to the airport effortlessly, and we reach our destination without problems. “wake up…again” he says lightly shaking me. “Kay” I mumble, shifting in the seat. “Don’t you wanna get away as soon as possible?” he asked, trying to get me moving.

“Okay fine” I mumble, unbuckling my seat belt.

Justin reaches across me and opens my door, then opens his own and climbs out, and starts retrieving belongings from the back of the car. I pull myself out of the comfort of the seat.

“Can I have some help here?” Justin asks franticly obviously having trouble with the weight of the objects gathered in his arms.

I rush to his side before he drops our belongings,

“Thanks” he mumbles.


“You know I hate when you say that!”

“Ah, I know” I say in a sing-song voice.

“Come on, were gonna be late if we don’t hurry up” Justin says walking towards the airport entrance. “What about the car?”

“Oh yeah” he says emotionlessly

he walks back to the car and opens the back door, pulling out a sign, reading ‘FREE’. he latched the sign onto the rear window and taped the keys to it as well.

“there we go” he exclaims walking towards the entrance once more, me sluggishly in tow

. We reach the boarding area, soon enough, and eventually board the train, without so much as a glance. Me and Justin settle into our seats preparing for the long flight.


“Yes?” he whispers.

“How are we gonna survive, I mean im only 14, and your only 16!”

“We’ll figure it out Air” he says calming me, using my nickname, that only he used.

“Air, I forgot, I have a gift for you I know its not much but its something for the trip and maybe for longer, too” Justin says in a rush, while looking into his carry-on, pulling out small book with a ribbon sticking out the top.


“uh-huh I know it’s a little stupid but I promise I wont read it or anything” he says nervous.

I lean over awkwardly and hug him

“thanks Justin, means a lot” I say leaning back into my seat.

He hands me a pen and nods toward the book. I get the idea and open up the book and proceed to write,

Uhm I’m knew at this, haha, well my names Ariella, but my brother calls me Air. Erm, im 14, 15 in a few days, I have nobody but my brother, and im worried hes taking to much on. God I sound really stupid right now, talking to a book! Well im really tired im going to SLEEP! Off to Washington scared, hope I can make it through high school I don’t think ill make it honestly. Love I guess? Air

I shut the book awkwardly, and lean back into my chair trying unsuccessfully to become comfortable. I fall asleep after many failed attempts.

“Wakey wakey, no eggs and bakey!” Justin says into my ear, loudly. I slap by my ear, and end up hitting the seat, I look to him and give him my best ‘mean’ look which ends up looking stupid, and we both laugh hysterically.

The flight attendant scolds us and walks towards the front of the plane.

“Sorry, but the planes landing soon so you gots to wake up!” he exclaims.

I feel happiness rush through me. When we do eventually land we all stand up and proceed to the exit, my arm brushes with a woman and a harsh guitar bass ricochets through my mind. I pull away shocked, she gives me a glare and I scurry away pulling Justin with me quickly. I hear his sad love song faintly, as I pull him through the crowd out to baggage claim. When I finally drop his hand, his song still lingers in my mind.

“in a rush?” he jokes, I smile faintly.

“Don’t worry, hey theres your bag!” he says happy.

I reach for the bag and pull it of the never ending conveyor. I look to Justin bags already in hand.

“Come on” he says motioning me to follow.

I walk after him, leading me to a room full of people, some holding signs with names, some shouting, some just starring aimlessly. I look around the room and spot a sign with ‘Ariella And Justin’ Written on it, I look to Justin questioningly, he just leads me to the sign.

“Hey, dude long time no see” he says casually, to the guy about Justin’s age, holding the sign.

“Hey Man!”

They hug, and turn to me.

“Casey Sanchez” the boy says extending a hand.

I gingerly I shake it with my own, he smiles. His song is a song that I recognize, not a lot of songs have lyrics, but his did, it was, ‘how you love me now’, by Hey Monday, I feel my face growing hot by the second, and retract my hand. He smiles at me but drops his hand.

“My names, Ariella, call me Air, if you want” I say trying to sound like I don’t care, but I truly do.

“okey dokey then Air” he say cheeky.

A giggle escapes my mouth, and then Justin pulls Casey to the side, and I hear him saying something harshly, and Casey expression drops, but he nods, and they come back over to me.

“Ready to go?” Casey asks. I nod vigorously, and Justin says nothing. Casey reaches toward me and takes my bag, and walks toward the exit of the airport, and Justin follows carrying his own things. I follow mindlessly, avoiding contact with others.

“You act like people are a disease!” Casey called over his shoulder.
I looked up nervously, and cracked a smile. He chuckled and opened the door for me and Justin leading out of the airport towards the car garage.

“I’ll go get the car” Casey volunteers.

“I’ll come” Justin says leaving everything with you.

Casey looks at you concerned for leaving you, but turns away and walks toward the elevator on climbing on leaving the garage dark.

‘crap’ I think to myself. Someone grabs me from behind and I feel a scream escape my mouth, and something covers it, a hand.

“scream again and DIE” he yells madly. I clamp my mouth shut, ‘accidentally’ biting his hand.

“Agh!!” dropping his hand. I try and run, but he trips me making me cascade to the ground.

“B***h!” he exclaims.

I scramble up as fast as possible making a run to the elevator, pressing the up button over and over.

“Its not working is it?” he asked evilly,
I spin around and he punches me in the stomach and grabs me, then the elevator opens and I see, Justin and Casey. The man covers my mouth, and my scream is muffled, but they see it all.

“Let her go!!” Justin yells and Casey launches at the attacker, as I struggle.

Justin gets on the attackers back and he releases me and Justin pumbles the attacker. I fall to the ground. “Are you ok??” Casey exclaims kneeling down to me.

I just nod not trusting my voice.

“Here leme carry you.”

I shake my head but he ignores it and gathers me in his arms, carrying me bridal style. He walks into the elevator motioning for my brother to follow and he reluctantly walks into the elevator.

“Ready to walk?”

I nod ignoring the splitting pain in my ankle. He gently sets me down, I let out a gasp and collapse under my ankle. Justin and Casey grab me before I can fall and Casey picks me up again.

“Silly girl your hurt” he whispers to me.

Im still gasping from pain, but smile at him. When we reach the car, Casey lightly sets me down making sure I don’t put any weight on my ankle, supporting me.

“Let Air sit in the front, theres more leg room” Casey says swiftly, and Justin nods carrying our belongings to the car packing them in.

Casey gently helps me into the car before helping Justin.

“We need to get her to the Doctor” Casey says, putting the last bag into the car.

Justin reaches up and shuts the trunk, climbing into the back seat. “Where’s the closest Hospital?” Justin asks.

“uhm 20min maybe?”

I let a groan escape my mouth. The jabbing pain in my ankle wouldn’t let up. I grasp the arm rest of the seat tightly, my knuckles whiten. Someone places there hand on mine, but I feel myself losing consciousness, dizzy from pain I put my head between my knees. Someone’s hand moves from my hand to m back moving in soothing circles, im sure its not Justin. My vision, fades and I find myself in blackness.

I wake up to a bright, white room. I sit up abruptly, remembering where I was. My leg was being weighed down, a cast, I observe.

“Sit down sweetie” I nurse whispers patting my leg,

I reluctantly lie back down, looking around the room.

“Your friend and brother, are asleep.” the nurse says pointing to the floor.

I look over the bed and see Casey curled into a ball, and Justin sprawled across the floor. I giggle and the nurse smiles.

“You COULD leave now, but im not sure if they’ll wake up.”

I nod,

“what time is it?”

“10Am” she replies leaving the room.

‘Wow’ I think. I feel to my side and run my fingers over a book, my diary. I smile opening it, reaching for the pen on the small table. I begin to write.

Broken leg, yay, :P well I guess I should tell you how the songs started…

I was 12 and got into a car wreck woke up in the hospital, and then whenever I touched someone I heard a song. I learned no 2 people shared a song UNLESS they were meant to be together, and when people were to die that day, they had no song, My grandpa was the only person I ever never heard a song. I don’t hear my own song, so I’ll never know who’s meant to be with me, sadly. Casey seems, Nice, and Extremely Cute, hahaha! Oh god I just looked at my cast and Justin signed one side huge and Casey the other, just as huge. Uhm its Saturday, and all I wanna do is get to my ‘new’ home

Love I guess?, Ariella

I shut the book and throw the pen at Casey, waking him up.

“Oww--” he starts but I put my finger up to my mouth, quieting him.

He smiles, slowly standing careful not to disturb Justin. I patted next to me on the hospital bed. He climbed in next to me, avoiding my foot.

“How’s the leg?” he asked genuinely

. “Good”

“Like how we decorated it?” he pointed toward my cast.

“Oh just LOVE it”

He smiles.

“Wanna get out of here?”

I nod and he stands up, then helps me out of the hospital bed, still avoiding the sleeping Justin.

“Sweetie, here’s a wheelchair” a nurse says looking into the room, then bringing in a wheelchair, for me to use.

“thank you”

She nods and leaves the room after glancing at Justin strangely.

“I don’t think she trusted me to carry you around”

I let a laugh escape my mouth. He pushes the chair out of the room, leading down the hall towards the grassy patient area outside.

“my lady” he says bowing as he opens the door.

The Warm summer air, bursts into the hall, as we go outside. A smile creeps over my face.

“Ah, I love summers here, not too hot, not too cold” Casey says out loud.

I nod. I scan the area, looking at the flowers blooming.

“beautiful right?” Casey whispers. I slowly nod.

“do you consider me a friend?”

“Since you’re my only friend, I’m gonna say Best Friend.” I say smiling. He grins,

“Awesome” is all he says.

“Hey! Leave me in the hospital by myself?!” Justin shouts coming up behind us.

Casey laughs a little.

“Oh and nurse wants to know, Wheelchair or Crutches?” Justin asks now calm.

“Crutches” I say quickly.

Both boys laugh a little, and bring me inside, to sign me out and to take me home, my new home.

© 2010 NeverShoutAlex

Author's Note

Ignore the little mistakes :) Any constructive critisism helps :) haha

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i liked this. it was a little rushed, so i suggest slowing it done for the next chapter. but, and i repeat; i liked this! :) update!!

xoxo Caitlyn xoxo

Posted 12 Years Ago

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