The Prologue

The Prologue

A Chapter by NeverShoutAlex

"mommy!! I don' wanna gooo!" a little girl screamed clutching her moms legs.

"Hellow, im Keanan!" a little boy says to the girl running up to her.

"Hi! I’m Evangaline! but can cawll me Evan!" she says letting go of her moms legs looking him in the eyes.

"okay! lets gow pway in the sandbox!" Keanan yells grabbing Evans arm pulling her to the sandbox.

"okay!" she squeals going to the sandbox.

"Ohh they grow up so fast." Evan's mom said.

"I know, im Miss. Delouise, and also Keanan’s Mom” Miss. Delouise says reaching her hand out and Evans mom grasps it shaking it.

"Hi, im Evangaline's mom but she likes to be called Evan." she says smiling proudly.

"Well looks like they've made quick friends, did you know that when girls and boys make friends this young its likely they'll stay friends for a long time?" Miss. Delouise says dropping Evan's mom's arm.

"I didn’t but now im glad they've made friends" she says grinning.

"Yes, oh I didn’t catch your name?" Miss. Delouise says.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Lindsey Beckons, yours?" Lindsey asks curious of what Evan, and Keanan could be doing.

"Oh, Georgia Delouise" once she says that Evan comes in crying.

"Oh Sweetie! whats wrong?!" her mom asks.

"A boy pushed me!!" Evan wailed.

Then Keanan came in. "

Keanan? did you push, Evan?" Georgia asks.

"No mommy, those boys did then they pushed me!" Keanan yelled defending himself. His mom hugged him the went out and disciplined, the others.

"im sowwy Evan" Keanan sniffled.

Then Evan hugged him.

"Fank you Keanan" after that day Keanan and Evangaline were best friends.

© 2010 NeverShoutAlex

Author's Note

What do you think? i wrote this a while ago, finally continueing it :)

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Added on October 8, 2010
Last Updated on October 8, 2010



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Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by NeverShoutAlex